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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Frames and Table Cloths {Hair Bow Organizing}

 Hey Moms.  This is Simple.  Really Simple.

 1. Paint a frame. 
Preferably one you have on hand that is ugly and hiding in a closet somewhere.
 If you must buy, find a garage sale where they're a dime a dozen. Don't pay more than $1 for it unless it's really exceptional.

2. Get a loosely crocheted table cloth or the like.
  Same guide lines as above as far as buying goes.

3. Cut it to size and staple gun it to the back of the frame.

Told you it was simple. :)

This is what happens when a dumb blonde has a hammer within reach
 while trying to get a mirror back into it's frame.  

 It must become another hair bow display.

And here's the one hanging on our wall for my little girl's hair accessories of which are now covering every possible bit of this framed table cloth and then some.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stocking Hat Embellishing

I've been selling quite a few embellished baby stocking hats over at Fabulous Darling, but a few were asking for some big girl sizes.  So I set to work on some more "sophisticated" embellishments for us sophisticated ladies.   (Pfff, I heard you cracking up over that one, I can be sophisticated now and then.  Just ask my mom.  Nevermind, ask someone else.)
Thank goodness for my beautiful friend Debra who was kind enough to model these for me at a 10 seconds notice!  This fabric flower was made with white fabric dug from my scrap pile.  It was a hem on a long dress I wore for my graduation, actually!  Yes, I really do save almost everything.

Quick version of how to make the big white ruffle flower: 1. Cut long narrow strip of fabric.  2. Sew a wide basting stitch allllll the way down the middle.  If I can handle that, so can you.  I'll put money on it.  3. Pull one of the strings on an end tight, until it cinches up, and keep pushing the gathers down until the whole things is cinched up.  You can spread out the gathers, to get the look you want.  4. Start in the middle and coil your ruffle around and around into a big flower shape.  In the words of my pal Heather, hope that was clearer than mud.
Here it is on a thick tan velour hat.
These beads are from a huge gaudy necklace I bought at a garage sale... bought for the beads of course!  Since my little Ty loves to be destructive, I handed him the scissors and to his delight he got to dismantle the necklace.  I hot glued them into flower shapes, and then for extra reinforcement, each bead got a dab of hot glue on the backs and stuck to the hat.

Then, after literally years of just talking about getting together to do some crafting at Marie's house, we finally actually did it.  And thank goodness we did.  Because Debra came up with an idea that makes me regret the one time I decided to quit hoarding everything in my hutch and sold most of my old doilies and the like at a garage sale.  She had the genius idea of cutting out the flowers in the middle of this table runner!  Oh the potential amazingness for these flowers!  Hats for one, as you'll see in the next pic, but also pillows, shirts, and whatever else needs a little sprucing up.
She let me have two of them to sew onto this here gray stocking hat.  Mmmm....  I like.  Anyone got any other ideas for these daintily made flowers?
If any of these hats trip your lil' fancy, they're for sale in Brooklyn, MI at Fabulous Darling.  See you there!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

On a bed, in your hair

We don't really get into Halloween much.  Death and scariness.... something to celebrate?  Eh, whatever, I'll let my son dress up and march around with his class on Monday and eat some candy, but that's about as far as we go with it.  So I kind of even surprised myself when I decided to make an orange and black headband for the "holiday".
This is my new little model, Bella, who must not be much into Halloween either, since she yanked it off her head faster than I could say cheese! 
 So along the way in my thrifty crafting experience, I've learned that you can't look at things for what they are but what they can be.  Take this bed skirt:
No bed in my house needs a black and white polka dotted bedskirt.  But that doesn't mean I can't use the fabric elsewhere.    Hey if it's free, you could even use it for toilet paper! Just skidding.  Now that I've gotten a little paranoid about bedbugs though since I keep reading articles about them, I've been a little cautious...  so when I got this home from a garage sale it went straight into the wash, hot water and lots of soap, and then into the hot dryer.  No takin' chances.  
I cut off a part of the ruffle and the sewed it into a little circle.  Yes, I could handle that.  I can't handle much more than a straight seam.
It kinda looked like a doll skirt.  Probably should have used it for that since the only doll that lives in this house never seems to have any clothes on!  
Then I cut these awesome bright hairy strips of fabric my MIL bought for me into three circles and scrunched up the middle and sewed a seam across it.
Hot glued it all together, and wa la!  A Halloween Fall Festival Headband.
I also did some fall colored headbands.  They are for sale for $5 each at the awesome new little store in town - Fabulous Darling (Brooklyn, MI).  If you live in the area, you should definitely check it out!!  There are all kinds of neat treasures!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Zebra For Zee Hair

I'm a happy girl.  Finally got an order in for some zebra flowers!  ALSO, got camouflage flowers!!!!  How cool is that?  They should be a hit over in these here parts of the country!  Our country girls wear camo, and it ain't gotta be pink camo, either! :)
You can purchase these in Kammy's Korner Store for just $4!!!

I think these are my favorite clips to date.  I debated about whether to keep them for my own little girl or put them up for sale.  But, I figure I can always make more for her.....  Can't wait until my craft room is DONE!!!!  It's CLOSE!  Pics to come hopefully sooner than later!!

These partially lined alligator clips are the BEST!  They stay in slippery baby hair, you can easily clip them to a knitted hat or headband, clip them on a belt, scarf, or other accessory....  just love them!    I don't actually have the patience to line them myself, however.  I buy them pre-lined at my secret online source.  It's a secret because I'm waiting on them to get back with me about advertising on Kammy's Korner!  No news is probably not good news in this case!

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Icee bags and turkey packaging

I don't run to JoAnn's or Michaels every time I need something.  In fact, I rarely do.  You can almost always find what you're in need of.... if you just think outside the craft store!  I need to give credit to my pal Marie for this one - she used the netted bag around a bag of oranges once to put with a flower... so I started looking in my freezer and found a bag of frozen ice treats....
and cut pieces to use for headbands and hair accessories! They add the perfect touch of fancy nancy (Fancy Nancy - is she a doll or something?).

And what's this white netting from??  Not a bag of freeze pops this time..........
My guess is, you already figured it out from the title.  You're so smart. :)  Don't forget you can buy these in Kammy's Korner Store for only $4!!!!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tori in a tuque

We're on a little mini vacation right now.  As I type, the boys are swimming and Tori is napping.  I've already dried off for the 3rd time and didn't feel like getting wet again, so here I sit poolside on the laptop, uploading pics and came across this one of Tori, posing in a Kammy's Korner hat and I had to share.  (okay, okay, she  really wasn't posing - I had to chase her all over the house to snap this pic!)

Your little girl can also have one of these cute hats - just head on over to Kammy's Korner Store and purchase one for only $5!!!  My hubby bought me a new camera and I haven't figured it all out yet.  (As if I ever will).  But this photo is a little fuzzy because I'm learning, so cut me a lil' slack!  I hate learning new things.  Like getting a new cell phone - I was just figuring out my old one when Tim says it's time for a new one.  Now I've had my "new" cell phone for over a year and still only know how to make calls and text!  Tori, however, has managed to download all kinds of expensive applications!  Thankfully, our provider graciously removes them along with the charge...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Manager to Mom Hosting Kammy's Korner Giveaway!

Hey Folks!  Need the perfect hair accessory for your precious baby girl's photo shoot coming up?  Why not try and WIN some?  One lucky winner will receive their choice of any TWO headbands/clips or one hat from Kammy's Korner Store!  Woo hoo!! A great BIG thank you to Kristy from Manager to Mom for hosting this giveaway!  She has a darling little girl, Starryn, who was sweet enough to let her mommy take cute photos of her in her headbands.  Head on over to the contest HERE!  There are many, MANY ways to get entered. You can tweet about the giveaway, like us on Facebook, become followers, well hey, just head on over to the contest and check out all the ways since I can't remember them all and my little boy is tugging on my arm to go outside and play.
Matching hair clips are the perfect thing for dressing up piggy tails!
p.s. I went to a wedding last weekend and nearly jumped with delight when I noticed a friend in her 20's wearing one of Kammy's Korner headbands and then I noticed another headband I'd made that a mom had bought for her daughter but the mom was wearing it!  Many of you are skeptical that the crochet headbands will fit infant to adult, but I guess they proved it. :)  Always makes me happy to see Kammy's Korner Headband in usage. :)  I wish I would have gotten a picture to post for ya'll - they (the women) looked so lovely! :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Non-Bodacious Headbands and Froofy Feathers

This little beauty wanted some headbands.  But Daddy wasn't into the big bodacious ones that I generally make... so I tried my best to make some petite and dainty ones to compliment his petite, precious little darling.  Ohhhh, Felicity is a SWEETIE!!!!  With or without her headbands, she is 100% beautiful.  Here are a few headbands and hair clips that I added to Kammy's Korner Store today:

The beads that make up the center are from a gaudy necklace that fell apart.  Repurpose.  ALWAYS REPURPOSE!!

The nice thing about clips is that if your baby doesn't have hair, you can clip them onto a headband, and change your look up!  (And yes, that's my little munchkin modeling.  I have to claim that little doll!!)
Let me know if you want different colored feathers (on alligator clips) and I might be able to accommodate!
Be sure to make a purchase at Kammy's Korner Store today!  I can refund the shipping money if you're local or will be seeing me in Iowa (July) for a hand delivered package. Just let me know.

Don't forget - first 200 to "like" Kammy's Korner on FB are automatically entered to win an Applebee's Gift card!!!  Click HERE (or on my right sidebar up top) and maybe you'll be the lucky winner! 45 more people to go! Let's make this happen!  Or pretty soon I'm just going to go use the gift card myself...  Oriental chicken wraps are sounding pretty good right now..... :)