Friday, August 2, 2013

Incorporating Kid's Artwork Into Your Decor {3 Displays}

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar.
Your child comes home from kindergarten and proudly presents you with a beautiful abstract work of art. You hang it on the fridge so they know how much you admire it.
Then comes a new one the next day.  And two more the next.
Soon your sneaking them off the fridge when they are occupied with their new drum set and then you wait until a big loud crack to the cymbal so they won't hear you crumple up the masterpiece and hide it way down under the banana peels and empty Kleenex boxes in the trash can so they won't have a chance of seeing how you totally defaced their pictures.

No, obviously, you can't keep them all.  And the above scenario will probably still be played out from time to time.  But for when that really special one comes...  here's a few ideas from my home and my sister's, on how to work them into your home's decor and make a statement.

 Karly had this framed wall decor that just wasn't doing anything for her anymore.  She took three of her daughter's (age two) paintings and put them on three sheets of scrapbook paper.  Then she painted the frame black and hung it up in her living room.  Looks so contemporary and fabulous - thanks to a little upcycling and a two year old's colorful paint strokes!

From the hand of my six year old son:

Tobin brought this fabulous painting home from school one day and said they had an assignment to paint a picture for their dad for Father's Day.  This one said "Happy Father's Day" along the bottom, but my frame wasn't quite big enough and I had to fold it under.  Put any drawing or painting behind glass and in a nice frame and it instantly looks like you paid big money for it!  I just LOVE this one!

I think he's got his Grandma Kim's artistic abilities, what do you think?
(Definitely not mine!)

And lastly, this is in our upstairs hallway, where the kid's bedrooms are.  
I've shared this before HERE and it's still one of my favorite artwork displays!

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  1. Your son's painting is absolutely amazing! My mother framed a painting my brother did when he was 3 and it hung in our house while we were growing up. It was in such a fancy frame that the painting really had a life of it's own--it was "the legendary painting by Rob"!

  2. so cute!!! Yeah, artwork is taking over here and I just have it taped to the wall. I'll have to try putting some in a frame!

  3. Well, I have to confess that I've not ever gotten rid of any of their artwork, which unfortunately results in several boxes of stored paper throughout the years. LOL! My kids are now 31, 26 and 22 and I STILL have those boxes. I really should go through them and pick out my favorites. I love how your incorporated them in your home and I would love to do the same.

  4. I love this! What a great way to be proud of your kids (and do some pretty decorating, too!) Would you mind to link this up to my blog hop? We love seeing projects like this that make a big impact without a big cost. Thanks!

  5. Love how special you and you sister made each piece look. I need to do this in my own home. Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be pinning these ideas too.

  6. Love how special you and you sister made each piece look. I need to do this in my own home. Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be pinning these ideas too.


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