Tuesday, May 23, 2017

10 Yard Sale Hacks: Stop Overlooking Items Like These!

I LOVE yard sales.  I LOVE curbside junk.  I LOVE cheap thrift stores.
I love anything that is free or I can pay for in quarters!

It was bound to happen sometime.  It'd been several years since my humiliating garage sale blond moment (that you can read about HERE).  
Last weekend my friend and I were hitting up a couple sales in her neighborhood when I found my dream shoes.  Not only did they fit me PERFECT, they looked almost new AND they were my favorite shade of aqua blue!!!! I was walking around the garage in them and was so excited but couldn't find a price so of course I asked how much they were to which she replied "What?!  You're trying to buy my shoes???  I just got those!!"
Well shucks.....  yeah definitely not as bad as what I did that one time, but pretty funny anyway!

So there are so many out-of-date looking wood items people just want to get rid of that can be given a WHOLE NEW LIFE WITH PAINT! 
Today I've chosen ten yard sale makeovers to share with you - some as recent as last week, and some I pulled from the archives.

This actually is not a breadbox - it's a jewelry box.  Lined with orange velvet, which I kept because it's retro-cool, ya know. :)  Some white paint and a stencil and you've got a great updated two-tone look!

Someone gave me this, thinking I could do something with it.  I had my doubts, I'll admit....

But some wrapped jute and a chalkboard label painted on anything is a go!

Now how about this beauty?  I think someone built a shelf around a framed jungle picture.  I liked the concept, and it screamed CHALKBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!

Mail organizers like this are a dime a dozen!

Ugly old cork bulletin board??  Sure, why not?  Paint, burlap, and of course.... jute!

Something else I find quite frequently - wood canisters.  I love them all shabby chic-ed up!

Napkin holder?  Sports memorabilia?

Oh yes.  A little wood shelf.

Add chicken wire!  And paint if you wish....

This drawer skeleton is one of my favorites.  I actually didn't buy it - I found it out in our barn.
That's always extra exciting! :)

I moved the drawer pull to a different side and added chicken wire to the back.  Such a CUTE farmhouse shelf now!

And last but not least for today, how about a crazy flowered box turned black chalk painted accent piece?!

Thanks for stopping by!
I will bring you more yard sale hacks in the future. :)

Until then,

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