Friday, May 19, 2017

Experimenting with styrofoam packing for a cushion {Bench Makeover)

"Hey ma, don't throw out the extra carpet pieces.  I'm sure I can use it for something."

Thanks Aunt Dee, for the bench (or footstool?  Kind of small to call it a bench... but it could be used as either).  I love a good "before" pic and your orange/yellow carpet definitely provides that!  Haha.

So I have several chair cushion forms but of course none the right size to go on top of this seat.  I decided to experiment a little.... and cut a piece of styrofoam down to size.  Yes, I'm THAT person, who saves pieces of styrofoam from packaging in boxes that come Fed Ex....  

And then dog-gone-it, the corner busted off when I was cutting it with the exacto-knife so I decided to glue the whole thing down.

It's not soft by any means, but not as hard as the board under it!  And it's thin  but dense enough that I don't think it will crack easily.

I had some tan on white cream ikat fabric leftover from a chair I recovered (see here) and used my Ryobi nail gun to nail it right into the wood.   MAN, I love that thing.  Then it didn't look finished, so I trimmed it out in jute rope.  If I was good, I would have used upholstery tacks... but I can just never get them straight enough!

So if you want to test this for the long haul and report back to me on how the styrofoam "cushion" holds up, then buy it at the Parma Antique Mall, bookmark this, and comment in a few years. Haha. :)

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