Thursday, July 9, 2020

Parma Antique Mall: New Ownership & New Look!!

While y'all were bingeing on Tiger King and obsessively watching the "Covid curve"...  Doug Moe and Pierce Modlin, cousins in crime, were hard at work renovating their new purchase - the PARMA ANTIQUE MALL!

A couple shots of what was going down between April and June:

They worked long hours and many energy drinks were consumed to open on June 12th!

June 12, 2020 - the "new" Parma Antique Mall is open for business!

Folks, you will not believe you are in little Parma, Michigan the moment you step through that welcoming door.  So much eye candy greets you, you're not sure what to look at first.

The store counter was once located in a museum in France. The gentleman they acquired it from had once bought a whole container of antiques from France and had them shipped to America.  In a few photos, you'll notice the large stain glass in the archway - also in the load from France.

For the last couple of years, Doug Peterson has been a friendly face greeting shoppers and many have asked if he is still working. Good news for those of you who come in to talk local sports, Doug Peterson is still here to give you all the latest! It just wouldn't be the same without him!

Coffee is always on in Parma!

The entry way is large and open, drop ceiling is gone, and there is an antique fridge keeping your drinks cold.  Feel free to purchase one and have a seat at the table with the good ole' boys.

While this stairway was new only a year or so ago, the treads got a new look and the wow-factor is.... well "wowwing"!  Head upstairs for Moe's Mercantile and much more!

The space under the stairs made the perfect nook for vintage post cards!

Doug Moe is more than a friendly face at the mall.  He's the rockstar (along with Pierce Modlin)
behind this beautiful updated Antique Mall. You will not be sorry you stopped.  And while you're there, make sure to check out the antiques at "The Vault Antiques and Collectibles" across the street and get a delicious cherry chicken salad (my recommendation) at GG's Cafe just two store fronts down.

Check them out on Facebook HERE for new items coming in and other
 ventures these boys are a part of! With over 60 dealers, there is something for everyone!

Don't forget to also "like" GG's cafe on Facebook:

When the ceiling came down upstairs last year when Darin was renovating so he could open up vendor spots, I hauled a lot of the old lathe boards out.  Here are a few projects made with lathe (lath) boards.  Just click on photo to take you to the project:

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Dresser turned TV Console, Thorn Trees, and Glass Doors on the Wall

If bloggers could get get fired, I should be fired. I've got this great semi-expensive camera sitting fifteen inches from me a I type.... and I can't remember the last time I've used it!  Probably someone's senior pictures. No, instead I use my phone camera.  Which at one time WAS a good camera.  But that was before it sat submerged in a puddle for two hours in Charleston. And then got dunked in a river while I hung on a tree after my kayak flipped.  And then buried in a snow bank on a mountain in Utah. I'd say that's a good plug for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, that it's still functioning this well!  But really, these photos today are pretty rotten quality, and I'm sorry.  It's just me being lazy and using what's convenient!

NOTE: If you're viewing this on your phone, scroll to the bottom of the post and click on "VIEW WEB VERSION".  Even my crappy phone camera isn't THAT bad.  Web version should be much better!

Today let me show you a furniture makeover that turned out so muy bien that I had to keep it for myself and put it in my family room!

I hit the gold mine one day when I was tagged in a facebook post that a friend was giving away a whole load of furniture that she had inherited with the purchase of her house. They had been sitting out in a barn for several years, so the dirt that accumulated may have taken me longer to clean up than the actual painting and refinishing!

I have no idea what those voluminous clumps of dust and fuzz are from, but there was a lot hiding behind those drawers!

Check it out - someone else must have used this as a TV stand too.  Old school style on the back! Not that I know a thing about it.  This is the first time I've ever had a TV in my family room.  In fact, I never grew up with a television, and just recently have we gotten one which we still rarely turn on. HGTV?  I've see it in the dentist office a time or two.  Seinfeld?  Never seen it.

I used my belt sander to take the top down to it's original wood. Adios weird dated black speckled wood finish!

I'm not sure why I finished this in the house. Yes I do actually.  My mom was visiting and she was more impatient than a toddler wanting out of a car seat to see how it would look in the family room in place of that behemoth wardrobe that was there previously. So I humored her and we brought it in half done and I put the Restore-A-Finish on with a rag as it sat in it's new home.

I decided not to poly.  I've decided poly is overrated.  I hate poly.  Sometimes it's a necessary evil... but I didn't feel it was necessary with this baby.

Ain't she so pretty all white chalk painted up?  Hard to tell in my sub-par photos, but I did sand all the edges lightly for a distressed shabby chic  finish.  I left the door off the middle and I think it looks better.  I also did something I don't usually do and that is I painted the door handles all the same as the drawers to blend in.  They just seemed too bodacious to contrast and I love how they blend in.

Okay now y'all, I'm pretty excited about this "window" hanging on the wall.

It actually came off of another piece I got from the same haul out of that barn.  Check out this glass door cabinet:

Just wait and see what I ended up doing with the cabinet.  It's in my bedroom but it's not finished yet so no blog post for awhile. :) 

And now for the greenery.  I have these OBNOXIOUS thorn trees that grow worse than dandelions in the back of my property.  One day I'll walk behind the barn and there are little "weeds" sprouting up.  Next day, BAM.  Fifteen foot thorn trees.  I give up.  I totally cannot keep up with them.  So instead I cut branches off of them and bring them in my house.  Don't touch my house plants. You might end up in the ER.

I almost forgot to mention the wreath!  
When my friend Laura got married at my house last summer, she had all these gorgeous colorful metal wreaths to decorate my barn with for her wedding.  I was lucky enough to get to keep some!  Might have had something to do with being the hostess, but who knows.

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Monday, June 1, 2020

DIY Drawer Pulls Using Round Dowels {DESK before & After}

This desk had a lot going for it, and a lot NOT going for it.  It's never difficult to find a cool knob or pull replacement in my stash for a night stand but when there are EIGHT to replace, not to mention three screw holes being left behind - not a walla-walla-bing-bang fix. And y'all should know I ain't looking to spend money on new pulls!  It's how I keep my prices for you guys low!

But first, let's check out this crazy finish job.  It had some eccentric pink tones mixed in with the browns.  And it wasn't wood, so I couldn't just sand 'er down and refinish.  I did sand, however, and most of the pink hues came out - thank goodness.  So I mixed up some DIY white chalk paint and did all the drawer fronts and bottom of the beast and then just covered the top in Old English stain to blend it all a little.  Still not "blended" the greatest... but it was the best I could do with what I was working with.  My dad says that about me a lot.  I wonder what he means.... 🤷‍♀️🤣

Good timing is what this is called - I've been organizing my junk upstairs in my workshop, otherwise I probably never would have known I had all these wood dowels just wasting away being useless up there!

I grabbed a couple and cut them into 3 inch pieces.  HOT DANG this Ryobi miter saw is a GAME CHANGER.  My dad gave me this for Christmas.  I didn't have any idea the piece of crap I've been putting up with until I started using this!!  But hey, makes me appreciate this beauty all that much more.  Dad, seriously.  You know how to make a daughter happy!  He might not ever tell me he loves me, but this makes up for it. Ha.

Next, I lined up my piece with the holes on the drawer front and using a pencil made marks where the pull holes would need to go.

I hammered a thin nail into my marks, just so it would be easier to get the screws started.
I'm an amateur and I'm sure there are better ways to do this.  But I do what I want to do.

My wood pieces weren't without flaw, plus the raw edge looked tacky (duh), so I fixed that with good ole' Old English.  Everyone should keep a bottle of this handy.  I used a rag to wipe it over the piece.  The thing is, it's like that bottle of lemon juice that sits in my fridge.  It just never seems to run out.  I swear I bought this eighteen years ago.

My first attempt cracked the drawer pull right in half because my screw was too fat.  
So I wasted another chunk of time rummaging around for the perfect screws.  Thin, fat head, sharp, just the right length.... I'm an experimenter, yo.

And BAM, just like that, I have awesome rustic wooden drawer pulls!
I will definitely be making these again!!!

I've been lazy with my photography lately and using my phone camera.  My phone camera was at one time decent, but after it falls out of your pocket as you climb into an uber and sits submerged in a street gutter for a couple hours, not so much. Or the latest adventure, in a river.  But we won't discuss that here.

I should take time for a little shout-out to my daughter's friend for the desk.  They are moving into a new house and the previous owners left furniture that Saint Vincent De Paul was scheduled to come pick up.  So cute little Bridget says, "Mom, I think Tori's mom might want some of this stuff".  GIRL, you are awesome.  That is all.  You will be seeing more from that haul in the future, I'm sure!

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