Saturday, October 2, 2021

Green!! Trash 2 Treasure

The best days are the days people decide enough is enough and the junk they've been storing has gotta go!  I love that when people around here get that bee in their bonnet, I usually get a message because most of them know that Kammy would love to give it new life!

Let's get an up close...

This Ryobi orbital sander is awesome. I've had it for a year, and not sure how I lived life without it before. All those wasted years with that other dumb one.... good grief.

I wanted to keep some of the natural wood, especially the drawer fronts becasue of the wood grain and pattern. Restore-A-Finish in walnut to the rescue.  I finally used up the last of the can that someone anonymously sent me in the mail. Whoever you were, THANK YOU THANK YOU!
That stuff is the bomb.  Put it on a rag and rub it on. It's great just for wood scratches or polishing up. Even takes the white sun fade out of wood I just discovered!

Check out the wood grain on those drawer fronts! 
And those fun black diamonds.... had to leave those!

Now check out these drawer pulls!  I cleaned them using a mild acid and then went over them with a rough sponge/scrubber and comet (bar keeper's friend).  They shined up so pretty! And don't forget to wear gloves when using acid - duh.

And hey ya'll, don't bother asking me what color of paint this olive green is.  As usual, it's a mistint!
Also known as "oops paint".  Let's see how we worked that mirror-less frame into the scene.

Wish I could take credit for that pumpkin wreath, but I bought it.
It was on clearance after the season once, so I bought it, stuck it under the guest bed and forgot about it for about three years.  That's okay, I still like it. Pumpkins will forever be trendy in the fall, right? I mean, what's there to take their place? I'm seriously wracking my brain to think of something absurd here, but nothing is coming. My funny blogging days are over. Not that anyone actually reads these posts... I mean I'm usually just "here for the pictures!" while on someone's blog so ain't no judgement here!

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These will be for sale with lots of other goodies at my barn sale November 5 and 6th, 2021.
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Friday, June 25, 2021

Trash 2 Treasure With Just Paint And A Stencil

A pal of mine was in the local resale shop when he found this for $6, thinking it was destined to end up on the trash pile, he couldn't leave it be.  He called me, asking if I could work my magic on it so he could give it to his girlfriend to put plants on. I suggested he leave the sweet sentiments on the table.... she might find them romantic. His name isn't Jaeden, and hers isn't Blake James, so maybe that's why he wasn't cool with that?

The only direction I had to go off was "She loves blue. Not aqua blue or turquoise, BLUE".
And I instantly had a vision in my head....

Now don't even ASK what this paint color is because I'm just going to show you this now:

I rarely know my paint colors because I mix my own or get mistints. And I'll bet you money even after saying that I'll still get a message asking what color of blue I used! People just look at pictures these days. Including me.

This stencil couldn't have worked out more perfectly. Perfect size-wise. I measured to find the exact middle and worked my way out towards the ends.

It's easy to use because it has the extra corner cut-outs to make it easy to line up your next spot.

And here's the finished product:

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Friday, May 28, 2021

Easy Tween Vanity Desk Built From Nightstands

My tween daughter had suddenly decided her adorable antique white vanity that used to be Grandma's just wasn't for her anymore. No amount of convincing arguments that it was the perfect piece for her bedroom was persuading her otherwise and she was constantly googling white desks and vanities. Are you kidding?  A kid of MINE is wanting to buy a NEW piece of furniture?  That crap that's made out of pressboard? Surely not. That's when the idea of building one customized just for her using these two castoffs hit me.
About a year ago, I drove by these on the side of the road.  They were sturdy and solid so I tossed them in the trunk. Inspiration wasn't hitting, so they sat in my workshop taking up room with the thirty two other pieces of uninspiring furniture.  I thought originally they were nightstands, end tables, or maybe even the sides of an old vanity that used to have a mirror in the middle.  But now that I look at the before and after side by side... they may have actually been part of a desk to begin with!  Unless the original owner steps up and makes their voice heard, I guess I'll never know!

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I used the "wet rag and hot iron" method to try to get the rest of the peeling veneer off, but it was crazy stubborn.  Like my daughter.  So I resorted to my stash of lath boards, the stash that I thought would last forever and is finally proving that it won't. 

Have I bragged on my Ryobi nail gun lately?  Oh, I did in the last post? And the one before that?
Yeah well, it deserves to be bragged about in every post.  Makes slapping this stuff on so easy.
Bam, bam, bam, done.

I only did the lath treatment on the sides that face out.  The insides were smooth and didn't need anything hidden. Once that was done, the whole shebang got the white paint treatment.

Next came the top.  I had picked up these nice wood planks from a surplus sale at Albion College.  They look kind of like table leaves, but I think they were part of a cubicle or something.  No clue really, so I'll quit guessing.  But they were nice and blond and had a rounded edge, perfect for the front of the desk.  I used the table saw to splice the second board for the perfect sized desk top.

Now I ain't claimin' to be no carpenter, so I'm sure if you look close this won't be real purdy finish work, but I just wanted something that was sturdy and cute. So using more of the same wood pieces, I cut two equal pieces and screwed them on from underneath.  Then I screwed the shelf across the top.  I am the worst when it comes to splitting wood with a screw, and this project was no exception. It only happened with one screw thank goodness, and since I wasn't striving for perfection and was just for my own kid, I left it.

Since I have "stashes" of just about everything, I rummaged through my stash of mirrors and found an oval one.  It also got the "white paint treatment" and looks muy bueno over the desk! 


Oh, what's that stencil you see?  I had the urge to add some pizzazz and tossed my Mandala stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils cock-eyed over the desk top. I used my roller with white paint on it to go over the stencil and in less than a minute had this beautiful design on top! My girl wrinkled her nose a little at the extra detail, but she always takes a minute and is cool with it now.

She is obsessive about white lights and very soon after we moved the desk into her room, she had rigged up a wall of lights as a backdrop.  Pretty cool, girl, pretty cool.

Oh hey, let's talk drawer pulls before we go!  
The holes for pulls were an odd size. I had nothing in my "drawer pull stash" that would fit, and Lowes failed me too.  So it was DIY pulls for the win. You can click HERE for my tutorial on how to make these wood drawer pulls!

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Monday, May 24, 2021

Rescuing Glen's "Workbench" Buffet

This buffet was being used as a workbench in a boy's bedroom.  Which I think is AWESOME!  I will not say "what a shame" cuz shoot, he was creating and building and that's a GOOD THING.  The top definitely bore the marks of his creativity!  

There's something kind of gratifying about using wood filler on a flat surface.  I don't know why I don't get in the habit of using it more. Probably because I leave the lid off and ruin the whole thing before I can get to a second project with it. Doht. I'm also an idiot and just filled in what I thought were the big gouges.  All of the little ones showed up strong after my paint job! So this is not the job of a perfectionist by any means! But I've always been about embracing some imperfection - they tell a story.  Just don't hire me to do your dry wall. 

This corner was a little too far gone to ignore and just paint over so I used some pre-glued veneer strip to fill it in.  This stuff is pretty easy to use.  Cut it to the size you need and iron it on!

You will actually not find an iron in my house. Can't remember the last time I've ironed a piece of clothing.  No thanks. It's way more necessary to have an iron in the workshop!

Now for the drawers.  I'm totally jumping on the raw wood bandwagon. These drawers sanded down great with my Ryobi Orbital sander, but the edges were stubborn and hard to get to.  One of my ole' buddies down at the Parma Antique Mall 
told me he had just what I needed - old dental tools!  I was skeptical I needed them but holy smokes they were just the ticket!  Don't question old dudes - they probably know what they're talking about.

I liked the look of the old pulls so I didn't even do a thing to them. I also liked the look of open shelves so rather than look for a new hinge to reattach the removed door, I just left them both off. Whaddya think?  Doors or no doors?

This is a beauty, but don't be fooled, there are still lots of scars on the top from it's days of being Glen's workbench.  But I'm okay with that. :)

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