Monday, September 28, 2020

Fugly to Fabulous PLUS stenciled drawer knobs!

I've racked my brain and can't come up with where I got this end table from.  As in I have NO recollection of acquiring this piece.  I can't imagine I paid a dime for it... so it must have been on a curb somewhere. Which reminds me, if I had ten bucks every time someone tagged me in this meme on social media....

I might actually be able to afford new furniture.  🤣
(But really, where's the fun in that?!)

So this was an easy flip - painted it white using Valspar's expensive stuff that I can't remember the name of.  Oh there I go again forgetting stuff.  And then came the knobs... those dangly little original guys were interesting.  I thought about painting them black.  BUT... meh.  I've had some cool wood square ones taking up space in my drawer and got a little idea!

Such an easy way to make some sweet designer-ish pulls! I sanded the finish off the knobs, painted them gray, and then used just part of a stencil design.  The trick for something small like a knob is to use a design with thin lines so it won't look bulky and cheap.  Well that's what my non designer mind thinks anyway - for what it's worth.

Drum roll for the "after".....

Ain't she CUTE now?? 
I'll have this for sale at my barn sale November 6 and 7th - STAY TUNED!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Dixie Belle Chalk Paint: Faux Tile Floor At The Parma Antique Mall

I've got a fun paint project to share!
The new stairway in the Parma Antique Mall is an eye catcher.  However, the landing on the new stairs was not!
Like it needed something! Bad! Well something... is my thing.
Let's take a look at the nice paint-splattered plywood on the landing, shall we?

Yeah.... no.  We can do better than that.  
And I had to look no farther than 30 feet away... to the little nook where Doug Moe (Owner of the Parma Antique Mall) sells the Dixie Belle line of paint!  I'm spontaneous.  So no standing and staring at paint color swatches and hemming and hawing over the right shade of brown.  Coffee Brown and Mud Puddle looked perfect to me so I grabbed them off the shelf, ripped off the plastic seal and shook them on my way to the landing.

After burning 1,242 calories scrubbing the daylights out of the plywood with some soapy water, I covered the whole area with the Coffee Brown.  It went on smooth (as smooth as can be on a somewhat grooved surface), it dried in less than half an hour, and was ready for a second coat without me needing the hairdryer I brought.

The second coat took a tad longer to dry, but the birds in the cuckcoo clocks kept me company.
You ever been in an antique mall after hours?  Yeah. Creepy weird. 

Let's break down the materials used in this project:

2 foam rollers
small trim brush
wet rag for mistakes
Dixie Belle Coffee Bean and Mud Puddle *
Dixie Bell Satin Clear Coat*
Dixie Bell chip brush*
*items that can be purchased in stock at the Parma Antique Mall

I am an "eye ball" it kind of girl, so this tile-look stencil required a little more perfection than I'm used to.  Did I get it lined up totally perfectly?  No.  Did I have to scrub a few "tiles" off, repaint the dark undercoat and start fresh?  Yes.

Minimal amount of paint!  Like we're talking you want an almost DRY foam roller here, Pals.  After dipping my roller, I roll as much excess paint off as I can in a separate container. An ice cream bucket lid or similar works great for this.   You want to have to use some force to get paint out when rolling over the stencil.  If you don't?  I guarantee you IT WILL BLEED.

Cutting Edge makes it easy... just make sure your first two are square and you should be good to go.  Should be... I'm blaming my less-than-perfect lines on the lining up my first few with the unsquare wall.  Old buildings... hey it ain't shocking.

The next morning I used a chip brush to apply Dixie Belle's Clear Coat in Satin.  The second coat took awhile to dry so we had to close off the main stairway to customers.  Thankfully there's a back staircase. 

You can buy the Santa Ana stencil from Cutting Edge Stencil HERE.

Thanks for stopping by the Korner today!

And make sure you head to the Parma Antique Mall downtown Parma, Michigan to check out the Dixie Bell Paint line!
Not to mention all of the other treasures and deals of course!  
Coffee is always on, cold pops are in the fridge, and friendly faces to greet you.

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Smothered ALPACA chops: It's what's for dinner

Dinner? I have officially lived in Michigan longer than rural Iowa. I just used the term "dinner" instead of "supper".  We usually don't eat too exotically around here because like I just mentioned, I grew up in rural Iowa and meat and potatoes is my grub of choice.  Well, it still is. It's just that last night's meat happened to be slightly exotic - alpaca! I've always had great sources for meat so I don't have to buy it at the store.  My friend just down the road has alpacas and they had this curly haired dude.... and well he's now slowly going in to our tummies. Trust me.  I'm sad about it too.  I would have much rather had him in my yard greeting the Airbnb guests... but instead he's in my freezer.  We'll just leave it at that.

So what on earth does alpaca taste like?!  Here's my take on it:

I would compare it to pork, minus the fat.  Think venison compared to beef - super lean! This makes for a much dryer meat so you don't want to overcook it like I did the first time we tried it.  That being said, you can also substitute this recipe for pork chops if you don't have a source of alpaca readily available. ;)

RECIPE: Smothered Alpaca Chops


4 alpaca chops (steaks)
salt and pepper
1/4 cup ranch dressing (I used the olive oil ranch)
1 can cream of celery
4-8 ounces pepper jack cheese (or cheese of your choice)
rosemary and parsley

Coat thawed meat in salt, pepper, and ranch dressing and lay in a greased 9x13 dish. Cover chops in cream of celery soup, lifting each chop with a fork so that some seeps under the meat for flavor. Slice the cheese and lay it across the top of each chop, or if you're using shredded cheese, just dump it on top.  Garnish with rosemary and parsley.  Bake COVERED with foil for 1.5-2 hours at 350.  I uncovered mine the last 10 minutes.  The extra sauce in the pan makes awesome gravy for mashed potatoes!  Enjoy!

The recipe is for four chops, but I only used two.  Here's what it looks like before getting popped into the oven.

So.... have you ever tried alpaca??  What did you think??  My three kiddos range from ten to fourteen years old and they all gobbled it down.  Not sure if that's because I starve them before supper or because they loved it that much...

Just because they're hilarious looking, here's a couple pics of the alpacas at my friend's farm.  My son and I rode our bikes there one morning and had a great time with them.

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Thursday, September 10, 2020


Can't believe I came close to saying no to this piece! It seemed so far gone.  But at the last minute, I added it to the trailer of treasures I was getting from Dakota's barn.  If anything, I could do something with the cute drawers, I thought!

Then I started disassembling it and under all the peeling veneer and dirt, it had some great sturdy bones! AND I didn't even need WD40 to get the treadle turning that rusty wheel! Boom. 

I mixed up a gray chalk paint (Plaster of Paris dissolved in hot water and added to paint) and painted the base.  It was tricky to get behind the wheel, even after putting a plastic sack over it and I had to resort to a small artist brush to do the trick. 

The top obviously had a large opening where the machine once sat so I dug through my hoarded stashes of wood and found the perfect boards and cut them to size on my new Ryobi Miter saw. That sliding blade is a game changer, folks!

I put a couple brad nails in the top just to hold the boards in place and then screwed them in from the bottom to firmly secure them. 

My fingernails always look like crap, so to stop adding to the crappy look I put on a glove.  Stain on fingernails is about as attractive  as the big scab I had above my lip a few weeks ago when I fell off my bike. Ugh.  I swear I'm like a five year old who needs training wheels. I can put some serious miles on my bike but I've been thrown off of it twice in the last few months.  What the wha....

Also, can I just say how thankful I am that my kids went to a couple of those workshops Home Depot used to have back in the day? Lots of cool things used to take place before the 'Rona. I have some sweet aprons because of that little workshop. Thanks, Home Depot. That wooden motorcycle has long hit the trash, but that apron has lots of mileage left, Baby!

I ended up painting the drawer fronts too, but sanded the pulls and restained them to freshen them up. Back to the wood stash to find a piece of trim to go on that spot where it's missing.  And back to to the miter saw for a little 45 degree angle action. Secured it with my Ryobi brad nailer and added paint. Can't tell it was missing.  Just how I like.

I'm convinced this is the perfect desk for the child with ADHD.  The treadle still turns the band wheel, so it just makes sense that in order for a kid with the need to move and pay attention to that online instructor, they can keep their feet busy pumping that treadle!  

The base of my grandma's kitchen table was an old sewing machine just like this. She would make Kraft Mac N Cheese and I'd devour five helpings of that special treat while pumping that thing so fast I thought it would take off into the family room leaving a jet stream in it's wake!  It was annoying when my brother or sister tried to pump it from the other side and throw off my rhythm, but being the dominant sibling that I was, I usually won that battle.

This will be for sale at our Christmas barn sale - November  6 and 7, 2020!

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Parma Antique Mall: New Ownership & New Look!!

While y'all were bingeing on Tiger King and obsessively watching the "Covid curve"...  Doug Moe and Pierce Modlin, cousins in crime, were hard at work renovating their new purchase - the PARMA ANTIQUE MALL!

A couple shots of what was going down between April and June:

They worked long hours and many energy drinks were consumed to open on June 12th!

June 12, 2020 - the "new" Parma Antique Mall is open for business!

Folks, you will not believe you are in little Parma, Michigan the moment you step through that welcoming door.  So much eye candy greets you, you're not sure what to look at first.

The store counter was once located in a museum in France. The gentleman they acquired it from had once bought a whole container of antiques from France and had them shipped to America.  In a few photos, you'll notice the large stain glass in the archway - also in the load from France.

For the last couple of years, Doug Peterson has been a friendly face greeting shoppers and many have asked if he is still working. Good news for those of you who come in to talk local sports, Doug Peterson is still here to give you all the latest! It just wouldn't be the same without him!

Coffee is always on in Parma!

The entry way is large and open, drop ceiling is gone, and there is an antique fridge keeping your drinks cold.  Feel free to purchase one and have a seat at the table with the good ole' boys.

While this stairway was new only a year or so ago, the treads got a new look and the wow-factor is.... well "wowwing"!  Head upstairs for Moe's Mercantile and much more!

The space under the stairs made the perfect nook for vintage post cards!

Doug Moe is more than a friendly face at the mall.  He's the rockstar (along with Pierce Modlin)
behind this beautiful updated Antique Mall. You will not be sorry you stopped.  And while you're there, make sure to check out the antiques at "The Vault Antiques and Collectibles" across the street and get a delicious cherry chicken salad (my recommendation) at GG's Cafe just two store fronts down.

Check them out on Facebook HERE for new items coming in and other
 ventures these boys are a part of! With over 60 dealers, there is something for everyone!

Don't forget to also "like" GG's cafe on Facebook:

When the ceiling came down upstairs last year when Darin was renovating so he could open up vendor spots, I hauled a lot of the old lathe boards out.  Here are a few projects made with lathe (lath) boards.  Just click on photo to take you to the project:

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