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Making The Curvy Straight and Rub'nBuff Rave [Dresser Makeover]

When my husband gets a text that says "Does your wife want this dresser taking up precious space in our garage?" he knows he doesn't even have to ask me. That'd be like asking the one thousand pound sisters if they want ice cream.

First thing I did was remove the ugly pulls and sand the top down to bare wood.

Sometimes curvy is good. 
But nah.... not for this guy.
I've seen where people rebuild a new base for the dresser to make the lines straight. 
But nah.... ain't got time for that.
Just needed a quick chop-chop!

Mid Century Modern is "it" right now. And Mid Century Modern is loads of lines. Straight lines.
This dresser may not be MCM, but we're going to update him to a new level of sophistication.

I used a square, drew my lines, and cut off the curves with a scroll saw.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Sorry, no pics of the paint process, but I used a really good primer and then used my new paint sprayer (piece of junk from China if you really wanna know, but it does the trick) with a flat black.

Now the pulls. I found three for the top in my stash and four matchers for the bottom. Unfortunately I needed different sizes and that was not easy, hence why the top differs from the bottom. Sorry OCD people. 

Enter Rub'nBuff, which is pretty much magic. Takes old dingy looking metal and makes it gorgeous in seconds. It's one of those things I've heard about for years. Decades. But since I tend to use products I find in the free box at estate sales... it's not something I've come across therefore have never possessed!
Let me tell you, I'm highly annoyed at my little self for not trying this sooner. You can just rub it on with a rag or because these pulls had lots of grooves, an old toothbrush worked well. My friend said she uses a makeup brush.

The bare wood got a couple coats of polyurethane, which changed the color of the wood more than I would have liked, rats, but I'm not about to take it off and start over. It ain't what it ain't. (My friend and I were discussing how we're over the saying "it is what it is" it ain't what it ain't.)

Pretty paper in the top drawers.....

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Thank you!!

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  1. Very cute and classy!

  2. You do great work and always enjoy your commentary:)


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