Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor on Kammy's Korner!

Sponsorship rates are super affordable and would be a great investment for your small business!  Kammy's Korner gets an average of around 1,500 page views a day (or double that if I get featured on HomeTalk that week, Funky Junk Interior takes notice of a cool project from the Korner and shares it on Facebook, or another pin goes viral!).  New followers are joining Kammy's Korner continuously and we hope to keep gaining with each fun new project and blog post.  New content is always being added and we have an engaging audience.

What do some of my current and past sponsors have to say about their experience here?

"I'm happy to still be a part of this super fun page! Its funny, because ever since I did this, I starting thinking that it would be a great way to advertise my other shops too.. So I have set out to try and find other blogs that fit with those stores... so far I haven't found ONE that is a good site with lots of traffic who will email me back or who isn't charging CRAZZZZY prices for a teeeny tiny little dot on their page. Anywhoo, just makes me appreciate you and your blog all the more :-) Thought I would let you know how awesome you are."

"Thanks, I just sent your payment for my sponsorship renewal. I think you've done an outstanding job!"

"I just wanted to tell you that I'm really impressed with all the promotion you've been doing for my shop! Thanks so much! I'm going to go ahead and pay for 3 additional months of advertisement on your blog. Thanks again!"

$20 per month for a month-by-month advertisement or $40 for 3 months or $70 for 6 months.  Also, $10 to host a giveaway.

This would include a 125x125 button on my sidebar (provided by you) as well as a "shout outs" periodically on blog posts and I will promote your business on Kammy's Korner Facebook fan page from time to time.

We may also be interested in doing a giveaway. Please contact us directly for more information on that. kammyskorner {at} gmail {dot} com. All payments will be done via Paypal!

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