Friday, April 27, 2018

Sunday Curb Shopping On The Church Van

A few Sundays ago, my hubby and I's turn to drive the church van rolled around.
We stopped at one of my favorite girls' house and I spotted this old, dated table with the glass top missing, sitting on the curb in front of her place.  

You can imagine the raised eyebrows of the kids when I asked if there was anything wrong with their table besides the missing glass and that I wanted it. :)

So after sunday school, we made the rounds dropping off kids, and the table was still there.  I mean, it was meant to be if it was still there an hour later, right?  Those are usually such hot items. ;)  Hubby is used to my curb shopping, but this particular day did NOT want to be a part of this shenanigan.  He caved with the "Honey if you love me..." line.    One of the little boys helped pull it into a back seat and held on to it so it wouldn't topple over.  I was surprised to learn this was a new experience for them on the van!  You mean, none of the other drivers pick up junk while on the route??

Now what to do with it!

My awesome parents bring me bundles of lath when they come to visit. 
I'm so glad they "get me" and rescue this stuff from getting burned when they help people with remodeling projects!!  "Ope, don't pitch that... our daughter will want those...."

So, don't really have any pictures of the process, but it was pretty easy.  Cut, nail gun the ends, sliver, sand, poly, more slivers, more sanding, poly.... and paint/distress the frame white. :)

Since lath isn't the strongest of wood out there, I sure wouldn't use this as a step stool or anything.  A heavy pile of books might not even be a good idea.  But with normal usage, I think it should be fine. 

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Have a great day everyone, and as always, thanks for stopping by!
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