Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lamp Redo With Paint And Fabric Scraps

UPDATE! This post was originally written back in 2008.
I realize the styles have changed significantly and my photos are bad!  Haha!

Click HERE to see the PROS and CONS of painting a lampshade.
It totally depends on what material your shade is made out of.  This post was a faux leather shade, so was not very transparent and worked great.  The ones I painted in my bedroom however, were a different story, but I'm still glad I did them.

 SAME lamp, SAME shade:
Can't even remember where I picked up this lamp, but chances are real high it was either a garage sale, Goodwill, found on the curb, or my mom did one of her magic tricks when she comes from Iowa and makes lamps magically appear around my home.

Well since the den got a makeover, and the log lamp has replaced this one, it was time for it to get a facelift!  (Or I just happened to have some white paint out from painting trim and scanned the room to see what else might look good in white.  Yup, that's how it was).

Even the lamp shade got paint treatment.
And what possessed me to ever do this?  Well, I've been making a pile of rag wreaths for a craft show coming up and had some extra strips and started tying them around the lamp for kicks... and decided it was kinda cute.
The first emellishment I put on the lampshade was such an epic fail, I didn't even take a pic.  My awesome friend Sarah dug me out of my creative hole and suggested while we were making these lovely fabric flowers for hair bows today that they might look good on the shade.  Sarah!  You're a great rescuer!  Just perfect.  

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  1. I've never thought about painting a lampshade. This just may be the answer to what to do about the mysterious stain that appeared on my bedroom lampshade.

  2. Wow! The lamp's makeover is nothing short of spectacular! I love it!♥


  3. Beautiful! Paint, rag wreaths, and flowers - it is all of my favorite Kammy's Korner Projects rolled into one!

  4. This is so cute! I love the soft colors you chose!

  5. Awesome! can't believe its the same lamp Stopping by from under $100 linky party

  6. I L-O-V-E your "new" lamp...it's scrumpdiliecious! (I made that word up...LOL!) Don't you just love creating a masterpiece "on the fly" so-to-speak? You hadn't really planned anything for that lamp, but you so geniusly put the fabric ties on it and made it beautiful! You're the best, Kammy, and I truly enjoy your Korner! Thanks for inspiring me!

  7. I liked the idea of painting the base and redoing the shade. I am going to do this with my lamps. Thanks!

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