Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Repurposed Vintage Stereo Speakers

You've seen it all, I know!
Well just when I think I've seen it all...  someone sends me something that makes me say "WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?!"
So this might not be one of those "blow you away" makeovers,
but I'm not sure I've seen anyone turn old speakers into nightstands before so let me know if you have!

I started by prying off the front. This one was pretty cool how it popped off and I could unscrew the insides pretty easily.

The taller one had more "guts" to "gut" but the front was just velcroed on so that was extra easy!
Also very easy to recover with fabric, as I just used my hot glue gun and went over top the existing fabric. There was so much insulation stuffed in there, I was pretty sure a mouse was going to scurry out at some point... but one did not. Not even a little mouse turd to be found.

After painting the wood with a dark taupe, I decided to recover the blacks, oranges, and browns of the front. These had such a modern look to them that I had to really dig in my fabric stashes. Past the colorful dated chevron prints, past the farmhouse grain stripes, the flowers, the damask, the faux black fur.... ah HA! What it this swatch of modern contemporary fabric that I have the perfect amount of to cover both the fronts of these speakers?! I remember buying this years ago because I just loved the colors, but really let's face it. It's not my style. It's not really the style I do anything in! But I like to do something out of the norm sometimes, so today was the day.

I even quick threw some of the taupe paint I put on the speakers onto an old headboard I had just for the photo op. Yes, I really have that many headboards sitting around!

What do you think? 
Even though these would match absolutely nothing in my house, sometimes it's just fun to be creative.  Now... hopefully someone will be brave enough to by them... ;)

You know what I was thinking while taking those apart? I wish I could hear the top ten songs that pumped out of these speakers back when they were new and someone was so excited to crank that volume dial up!

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