Sunday, April 18, 2021

Rusty's Long Dresser Repurposed Into a Bench

Because this was Rusty Wellman's dresser as a kid, that totally ups the value. 
It even came with two pairs of his socks stuffed behind a drawer.
Alexandria, don't buy him any more socks for Christmas until you check behind his drawers. Then wrap up the ones hiding and he'll think they're brand new. Follow me for more Christmas gift ideas.

So I started by measuring down from the top and drawing a line all the way around the top that I wanted to cut off.  Hopefully that makes sense.  If not, just watch in the next photos. And yes, I'm standing on a stool....

I used a battery powered skill saw by Ryobi. It has a laser beam to help keep your cut nice and straight!
And I love that there are no dumb cords to get in the way!

You can see on the right, the first cut I made.  Now I'm cutting across the back and meeting up with that cut.

There we go! It's in two pieces! That's just a real satisfying feeling, y'all.
Now we're going to take the top half apart and use the dresser top for the seat. This one needed exactly one inch cut off of each side so it would fit nice and snug down in those three sides.

A saw I like even more than the hand held circular saw is my Ryobi miter saw.  It's a slider (best thing ever) and I think it cuts ten inches.  This is obviously wider than 10 inches, but you just flip it over and match up the cut.  It's pretty simple.

The back was very thin and left the seat feeling insecure so I screwed a board along the back and into the seat. I put a long screw in about every five inches.  Might have been overkill... but it's better that than having it flimsy!

The next part was like fitting puzzle pieces in the empty gaps.  I measured and cut scrap boards to fit perfectly into the empty spaces.  I used wood glue and a nailer to secure the pieces in place.

I painted it all light gray and spray painted the handles with black Rustoleum spray paint.

Now just add pillows, a throw, and a little girl and you're all done! :)

A little more "localness" for ya - those pillows are made from grain sacks I got from Calvin at the Parma Feed and Grain elevator. :)

Benches with storage are the BEST!
Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
Mudroom bench with hats and mittens?

Like it? 
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While you're here, here's a small dresser turned bench!
Such a cutie! 

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