Saturday, March 20, 2021

Totally 80's Sewing Cabinet Gets A Makeover

Doesn't that just scream 80's?!  The fabric? Drawer pulls? Orange-hued wood? Just a sewing desk in general??
It makes my mind go back to the days of wandering around in fabric stores with my mom and sister, picking out fabric and patterns for new spring dresses!  My mom sewed almost ALL of our clothes.  And believe it or not, I even had a few outfits made out of vintage flour sacks.  NO, I'm not that old... but I guess my great grandma had a stash and well we were kinda poor there for awhile when Dad got laid off his job at John Deere. So short outfits out of flour sacks it was.

For the chair, I just wanted to put new fabric over the old, so I  carefully cut off the piping so it wouldn't protrude and look all funky. And I don't have the patience or let's face it - the skill - to replace it. Ha.

Sorry I don't have more pictures of this process, I get too focused on what I'm doing and forget to document. I just used my staple gun to put new fabric over the old.

I painted the whole piece with a bluish tinted gray (I mix my own so don't ask what color!) and put new cup drawer pulls on.  Then pulled off the top and used some old table leaves for a rustic, updated look.

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This project reminds me a lot of this one I took on last spring
That wood set with the brown velour cushions!
Who had one of these??

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  1. Wow! Beautiful. I wish I'd kept my mom's sewing cabinet when we moved her. Although she didn't have such a cute matching chair.


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