Friday, June 25, 2021

Trash 2 Treasure With Just Paint And A Stencil

A pal of mine was in the local resale shop when he found this for $6, thinking it was destined to end up on the trash pile, he couldn't leave it be.  He called me, asking if I could work my magic on it so he could give it to his girlfriend to put plants on. I suggested he leave the sweet sentiments on the table.... she might find them romantic. His name isn't Jaeden, and hers isn't Blake James, so maybe that's why he wasn't cool with that?

The only direction I had to go off was "She loves blue. Not aqua blue or turquoise, BLUE".
And I instantly had a vision in my head....

Now don't even ASK what this paint color is because I'm just going to show you this now:

I rarely know my paint colors because I mix my own or get mistints. And I'll bet you money even after saying that I'll still get a message asking what color of blue I used! People just look at pictures these days. Including me.

This stencil couldn't have worked out more perfectly. Perfect size-wise. I measured to find the exact middle and worked my way out towards the ends.

It's easy to use because it has the extra corner cut-outs to make it easy to line up your next spot.

And here's the finished product:

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