Saturday, October 2, 2021

Green!! Trash 2 Treasure

The best days are the days people decide enough is enough and the junk they've been storing has gotta go!  I love that when people around here get that bee in their bonnet, I usually get a message because most of them know that Kammy would love to give it new life!

Let's get an up close...

This Ryobi orbital sander is awesome. I've had it for a year, and not sure how I lived life without it before. All those wasted years with that other dumb one.... good grief.

I wanted to keep some of the natural wood, especially the drawer fronts becasue of the wood grain and pattern. Restore-A-Finish in walnut to the rescue.  I finally used up the last of the can that someone anonymously sent me in the mail. Whoever you were, THANK YOU THANK YOU!
That stuff is the bomb.  Put it on a rag and rub it on. It's great just for wood scratches or polishing up. Even takes the white sun fade out of wood I just discovered!

Check out the wood grain on those drawer fronts! 
And those fun black diamonds.... had to leave those!

Now check out these drawer pulls!  I cleaned them using a mild acid and then went over them with a rough sponge/scrubber and comet (bar keeper's friend).  They shined up so pretty! And don't forget to wear gloves when using acid - duh.

And hey ya'll, don't bother asking me what color of paint this olive green is.  As usual, it's a mistint!
Also known as "oops paint".  Let's see how we worked that mirror-less frame into the scene.

Wish I could take credit for that pumpkin wreath, but I bought it.
It was on clearance after the season once, so I bought it, stuck it under the guest bed and forgot about it for about three years.  That's okay, I still like it. Pumpkins will forever be trendy in the fall, right? I mean, what's there to take their place? I'm seriously wracking my brain to think of something absurd here, but nothing is coming. My funny blogging days are over. Not that anyone actually reads these posts... I mean I'm usually just "here for the pictures!" while on someone's blog so ain't no judgement here!

Now if you liked this idea,
do this gal a favor and pin it! :)

These will be for sale with lots of other goodies at my barn sale November 5 and 6th, 2021.
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  1. Love it love it!! That is a beautiful green color!! welcome back avacado green!!

  2. Lovely! Especially that mirror frame!

  3. Always enjoy your transformations.

  4. It's kind of miraculous. I've never seen hardware like that. Very art deco.

  5. Kammy these pieces have truly come back to life! Thanks for telling me about Restore a Finish. I have to get some! I love how these pieces turned out, truly remarkable!!


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