Monday, December 16, 2019

Two Nightstands, Two Makeovers, And An Antique Highchair Repurpose

Gonna kill three birds with one stone on this post.  
Today you get three redos!

So this first one is the typical chunky wood night stand with the gold flopper drawer handle we all had in our bedroom in 1982.  These two twenty-something-year-old twins from out of town bought a big acreage two years ago out in my neck of the woods and hired me to mow their lawn.  Kids these days got too much money or something.  They had no idea who I was; that I'm the master of curb junk and garage sales and DON'T-THROW-THAT-AWAY-I-WILL-PAINT-IT.  So one day I'm mowing in the back yard and about to go around their big burn pile when I see this perfectly fine night stand on the heap.  When the dude came out to pay me, I asked if he minded if I threw it on the back of my truck.  Rich boys aren't used to that apparently and thought I'd lost my marbles but he was a sweetie and put it in my truck for me.

It really didn't need anything but a good cleaning, some paint, and a new pull.
Which is exactly what it got!  So cute now!  I used an aqua blue paint and turned it into chalk paint.  (Plaster of Paris dissolved in hot water and added to the paint).  Here's the after, with a few other things I "shabby chic-ed" up for one of my barn sales.

Next up is this rather interesting little guy.  I found him for a few dollars at the annual Spring Arbor Free Methodist missions sale.  This sale is the MOTHER LOAD OF SALES.  If you can only go to one sale a year, MAKE IT THIS ONE!  And on Saturday, everything is free.  That's super scary for my husband, let me tell ya.  It's like turning a puppy loose in a cage full of birds.  So here's the before:

Had great straight lines, gave it a mid-century feel... but really outdated fabric on the front, the door didn't shut right, and the hinged top fell in.

I decided to just remove the bottom door and leave it open, and painted the inside a dark charcoal color.

I fixed the top door by adding little "ledges" for it to rest on so it didn't fall down inside.  Then after removing the fabric, I used a herringbone stencil and black paint to give it some interest.

Last of all, here's my easy high chair project!
A friend gave me this high chair that had been stored out in an old garage for years.  If your last name is Keeler and you're from Springport, your relative just may have ate mashed peas in this thing. The seat was pretty rough, so I ended up cutting it out.

I added a "HELLO SUNSHINE" greeting, plopped a potted plant in the seat and now it greets my Airbnb guests at the front door with a smile. (Click HERE for the link to our Airbnb).

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