Friday, December 20, 2019

20 Years Of The Family Christmas Photo!

Wow.  We've come a long way, Baby!
As in blurry photography skills, sunburned noses, family size... :)

Let's start way back in the year 2000 - Our very first Christmas picture
when it was just the two of us and my years in the sun still hadn't affected my skin:

still just us two in 2001:

2002: our fur babies became our babies!



Pregnant with baby numero uno in 2005:

And now we have a real baby, not just fur ones! 

The year we photoshopped Tobin's eyes open - eek - 2007:


That time we took the photo in our friend's bathroom - 2008:

Two sweet boys and pregnant with our little girl in 2009:




2013: oops, skipped that year!

First photo at "The Lefere Mansion" (Trail Acres) 2014:




We took this photo on a whim - one of our tenants that lived on our property here called wanting to borrow a snow sled so while he was on the phone we talked him into walking out to the waterfalls in the backyard to snap our picture!  This is on the shorter eight foot falls (see the waterfalls post HERE).


Taken on the beach at Sheboygan, Wisconsin while celebrating my parents 40th wedding anniversary - 2017


We figured since the windmill got restored back to most of it's former beauty this summer, we should highlight it in the family photo this year.  Thanks Amber Yanovich Photography for the great pictures!  If you'd like to see the post on the windmill restoration project, click HERE. 

So guys, since I never have our photos done by a professional... I just gotta share some more shots that Amber got because I love them and why not? 
 But first, I gotta tell ya something.  I shared this next pic on Instagram and some random super made-up girl comments this and I quote "You're the type of family who comes in my cafe asking where the napkins are without actually looking.. like they just look around confused... without actually looking... ya, that's you guys for sure."  Now if you know us, you're laughing.  Especially if you're Jon Losey or Joe Brandt.  My reply was something to the affect that we are actually the type of family who doesn't use napkins because our sleeves work fine. 

 In all reality, napkins at home?  Little Ceasers always gives us a massive stack with our five dollar Hot and Ready so we never need to buy napkins!  And if we run out, we use cloth and I wash them.  So whatever, Instagram girl.

Back shot of the windmill:

On the windmill walkway:

Our house with the leaves that never got totally picked up.  Oops.

 My  (not always on board, but usually ends up there somehow) renovating fixer-upper partner in crime and I:

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful Kammy's Korner readers - thank you so much for following along in our endeavors!! 

 May you KNOW the true reason for the season, which is not what we so often make it about - packages under the tree, cookies, and warm fuzzy feelings - but the gift of God's son.  Born to a virgin almost two centuries ago, who's only purpose was to allow men to nail him to a cross, where God would punish him for our sins, because he had none of his own.  What an incomprehensible gift to mankind!  A SAVIOR!!  Merry Christmas!

"For the wages of sin is death, but the GIFT of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord"  Romans 6:23

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  1. You have such a beautiful family and I love following along on your adventures! Merry Christmas!!

  2. Great pictures Kammy! Your kids sure do look like you and your husband. Thanks for including the real meaning of Christmas also.

  3. What beautiful pictures!! And yes, "whatever", to the Instagram girl. We know better.


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