Thursday, January 2, 2020

Library Coffee Table And A Barn Kitty

For all the people I get fed up with, there are even more amazing ones out there.  (Okay honestly, I usually just love on people, but having PMS on New Years Eve and all my friends being gone or busy made for a crappy last couple days and I may or may not have been having a little pity party for myself while hubby watched nine hours straight of football. Haha.).  Back to the subject at hand - my friend texted me a picture of this beauty asking if I wanted it or his friend was putting it on the curb.  Ohhhhh yes, that should be a given! He even delivered it - SO NICE! It was a library table that looked like it had been shortened into a coffee table.  Aside from the rough paint finish it was in awesome shape - heavy, sturdy, easy sliding drawer!

I wanted to bring the top back to it's original wood beauty.  And yes, just the top, because the thought of stripping round legs and nooks and crannies makes me want to go to a remote island and never come back. Oh man, I used some paint stripper I had and for those of you who ask me for advice and I tell you "every project is an experiment and I'm not an expert" is totally true!  Under the black paint was white paint.  And it seemed like the stripper made the white seep deep into every little bit of wood grain and to get it all out I would have had to dig it out with a needle. And perhaps I'd finish in 2023. I threw up my hands and decided the bits of white added character. (Isn't that the favorite line of all DIYers??)

Okay, so here you can see how the bits of white paint are ingrained in the wood.  However, this is a close up and the stain actually made it blend in even better than I could have hoped... but it sure ain't perfect. I used a clean, dry rag to apply this Minwax Gel Stain.  After a few coats of the gel stain, I gave it a few coats of poly.

I liked the bottom black, so gave it a couple fresh coats of homemade black chalk paint and she was finished!  I didn't get a great picture, sorry, but I had it finished in time to sell at my barn sale in November and the weekend before the sale, I had some guests in Gidley Station, our Airbnb, who walked through the barn, spotted it (along with a few other things), and just had to have it! :)  They also wanted to buy my precious little barn kitty.  And they weren't kidding!

My fluffy little Muffin is a hit with every single person who walks into my barn. Cat person or not.  And if you're scoffing at that, well you just come meet him yourself!  Here's little Muffin getting loved on by the six hundred and eighth person - and this littler person is even cuter than the kitty, which is saying a lot!

He's growing crazy FAST and the fluffy little mane around his neck is getting thicker and thicker.  Here's me and my little ball of fluff.  Yes I know, SWEET vintage flowered barn couch, yeah??

This is the second time I've gotten off subject.  
Anyone wanting to see the finished coffee table??

Oh yeah, I'm not quite finished with the barn kitty subject....  it's not all roses....  LOOK WHAT SHE DID TO MY CHAIR!!!!! I can't believe it.  Good thing I got it free.... but still. 😭

But could you?  COULD YOU get mad at that little face???

Here's one final before/after shot!

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