Sunday, January 19, 2020

Repurposed Vintage Roller Skates and Skating Back In The Day

Cheers to the people out there who don't see the potential in old crap!
Cheers to the friends who give junkers like me their old crap!
Cheers to the people who will buy my repurposed old crap!
Cheers to my mom who will probably
 chastise me for using the word crap too much on my blog.

A friend down the road asked if I wanted some old skates.
Sure, why not?  Holy rust.  He gave me some ice-skates too which are way worse in the rust department than this pair of roller skates so I'm not sure what I'll do with those yet. But these wheels wouldn't budge. I thought about WD40ing the daylights out of them to see if I could get the wheels to spin, but prior experiences said my time would be better spent trying to figure out my Instant Pot.  I've been scared of it for a whole year now.

But back to skates, do you have ANY IDEA HOW MUCH I LOVED TO SKATE GROWING UP??

One of our friend-moms was awesome at capturing our fun on camera and her daughter Heidi has been digitizing some oldies but goodies and was a sweetie and shared them with me.  Judging from our amazing wardrobes, can anyone guess about what year these were taken?? Hint, my jeans are tight rolled! (Yes, that's me on the right in that gnarly pink sweater with my two friends Dixie and Mindy in the back who are are actually my age, and then my little sister Karly and her pal Diane in front).

Rollerskating in Waterloo, Iowa, probably about the same year as the pic above!
We tore that rink up on the rare occasion we got to go to the roller rink.  Usually we did our rollerskating in our big machine shed behind the house that had a smooth cement floor. 

I still love to skate, actually. But now I like to put on the rollerblades and do twenty miles as fast as I can down the Falling Waters trail.  It's really hard to find a partner to do that with, so it doesn't happen as often as I'd like.  

Shall we get back to crafting? Just to show you what it's like while I'm crafting, I'm never "just" doing one project as you can see.  There is a skate ready to get "stuffed", coffee table getting worked on, cleaning out my craft room, an arrangement in a tea pot, and who knows what all going on next to me that you can't see.

I got these faux succulents on a square grid on super clearance at Joann's.  I think I bought all the store had, and I've used them for lots of crafts!  This just might be one of my favorites so far!
I hot glued faux moss from the Dollar Tree on a Styrofoam ball and then added the succulents and stuffed it into the skate.  I tied the tongue down with jute so you could still read the "Sprints" tag.

 And the other look,
 the one my kids think looks "sooooo much better than the other one, Mom"...
Whatever, I think I like the succulent one the best.  Got a preference, readers?

Like it?  Pin it!

If you would love one for yourself but don't have skates for crafting, these are both for sale in booth #93 at the

No photo description available.

And just for fun.... how about some more skating pics from the early 90's (late 80's?) ??
I'm pretty sure I spy someone straight outta Napoleon Dynamite in that third shot!

Anyone recognize this young McCandless and his beauty queen??

If you know Diane VanMill, I bet what you DIDN'T know about her, was she could tear up the skating floor better than anyone else out there!  She wasn't out to impress, but SHE IMPRESSED!

Michelle is not the Napoleon Dynamite character, but the dude behind her might be...

What? My Dad?  I didn't even know he could skate. But there he is, killing it with that rad button up.

Mindy and Christina, princess wavin' at the onlookers

Anyone else miss the eighties and nineties like I do???
Okay, maybe not the clothes so much.... 🤣🤣

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  1. My goodness, Kammy -- I had no idea you are from Waterloo! I grew up in CF and probably went to that same rink in the late 70's (we use to have field trips for school occasionally!) And I live in SW MI now -- talk about small world! Those skates are adorable.

    1. Small world! That's awesome! I actually grew up by Parkersburg - went to Dike New Hartford school. :) I wonder how close we live to each other now...

    2. Small world! That's awesome! I actually grew up by Parkersburg - went to Dike New Hartford school. :) I wonder how close we live to each other now...


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