Thursday, February 27, 2020

Snow Day On Gidley Lane

We finally had a snow day!  Two in fact!  
It was so pretty I had to put on my boots and take some pics for ya'll to enjoy.
It was snowin' and blowin' and my fingers were frozen so I didn't get to take as many as I wanted, but I did meander around the property quite a bit before I had to call it quits.

In this shot you can see the back of the windmill, Gidley Station (our Airbnb) and the back of our house.


There's a green metal roof under all that snow. :)
This barn makes me HAPPY!
That beautiful cupola? Thanks, DAD!
 Gidley Station and other outbuildings 

'Round here, we fly Old Glory!  This is Gidley Station's front porch (our Airbnb).

Front of Gidley Station

Where the driveway forms a 'Y'. Which way you wanna go?

If you chose to the left... you're coming to see me, cuz you ain't stayin' in that cabin in February!

Our front porch.  I miss slurping down home made chocolate malts out here in the summer.  Usually because the kids are playing out back and if I sit up here, they won't want one too.  Counting down the days...

Lion on guard

The backyard stone wall - that I think would make 
the perfect wedding stage someday. Or backyard band if anyone wants to jam!

Miss froggy doesn't seem to mind the snow.
  Either that or she froze with a smile on her face!

It's pretty.... but I'm longing for sweaty ninety five degree days and mowing nice straight lines in my yard!

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