Thursday, March 23, 2017

Delightful Details! French Provincial Nightstands With Stenciled Drawers

This french provincial set was every girl's dream back in 1962.  Now that girl is spending money on Arbonne wrinkle cream, not french provincial bedroom sets.  Unless of course, she spots it in a boutique with a gorgeous makeover like this one (and it's big sister) received!

Thanks to my bearded friend (as in AWARD WINNING BEARDed friend), Nate Drumhiller, for scoring this french provincial set for me!!  Those are the kind of friends every junker wants.

Sorry ladies, he's got a cute little lady.  BUT if you need any chimney/fireplace work done - Nate is your man.  When it comes to beards and fireplaces, he doesn't mess around. Check out  

I painted them each a different shade of gray.  Not only because I thought that would be chic, but because I ran out of paint. No surprise there!  

I've always seen these cutesy little details on drawers and hidden things and always figured "WHO EVEN CARES?  Ain't nobody sees that stuff anyway."  It's like wallpapering the closet.  But THEN.  I started renting a space in the Parma Antique Mall... and open drawers make great displays.  But when I pulled open the drawers on one of my dressers in the booth....  oh sheesh.  Embarrassing naked sides.  They needed clothes....

Or stencils!

I stenciled this design on the sides in a dark slate blue color, and a light aqua blue on the smaller night stand.

I used a homemade gray chalk paint on the whole piece, and then used a coarse grit sandpaper to sand all the edges for a delightfully distressed look.  I also spray painted the handles a nice fresh white.
Sh-sh-sh-shabby CHIC.

This darling pair can be YOURS!  Ohhhhh yes.  Don't y'all get trampled running to the Parma Antique Mall to get them. :)


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  1. Oh how I would love to shop at the Parma Antique Mall!

  2. My parents bought that entire set for me in 1972 from Sears. I used it and then passed it to my daughter when she moved out of her crib.
    Great makeover!

  3. LOVE the stenciled sides - just makes the pieces! Am copying!! Wish I was in your area, right to Parma Antique Mall I'd go,

  4. My mom had some similar furniture that she donated so long ago, I wish I would've saved it! This makeover is absolutely stunning!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style


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