Friday, July 7, 2017

Whimsical Stenciled Stairs For The Cabin

I would never do something this crazy in my house and probably not in our rental properties either.  HOWEVER, in the little cabin behind our house?  I've been DYING to do something like this somewhere and FINALLY - I got the place!!! 

So what's this "place"?  Here's a picture from the post I did on the outside of the little "cabin" or "summer kitchen" or  even "the dollhouse" as I was told Elsie Lefere referred to it as.

We had done some major clean up on the outside, but the inside was still in need of work! 
Not just paint, but we had a powderpost beetle problem that had to get professionally taken care of.
See all those white spots on the floor?  Those are actually little piles of sawdust powder from those stinkin' beetles.  I'm just glad they weren't termites or the whole place would probably no longer be standing!

So after all the walls got some white paint, I was dying to do something fun with these steps up to the loft.
Oh, and notice the floor!!!  After we got them all cleaned up - what a DARLING little touch was under all that dirt - white daisy flowers stenciled on the wood plank floors.  I LOVE THEM!  I think Elsie Lefere painted those and I was super excited to leave a little "touch of Elsie". 

I've been using this aqua blue mistint paint I bought a lot lately.  Stay tuned to see what else got the "blue treatment" in this cabin.

So I had a few ideas floating around in my head.  One was stencil all the risers, another was to paint a fun quote going up each riser, or maybe some fun words like "adventure" "explore" "wander"....  so whenever I'm not settled on an idea I call my pal Maran.  Her idea... stencil them, but use a different stencil on each riser!  Oh did that ever strike my fancy.  

Here's the plethora of stencils I used:

Yes, it was tedious work, but really didn't take all that long!  I eyeballed everything.  I totally hate numbers.  Measuring involves numbers.  I used a dark gray home made chalk paint - leftover from some other projects, of course. :)

I gotta say, I think the last one, the bottom one, turned out to be my favorite!

Almost Airbnb ready!! :)  
What's Airbnb?  Google it. 
And if you want to see our other Airbnb - Gidley Station - click here

Thanks for stopping by!!  
And stay tuned for more on this little cabin makeover! :)

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  1. Does it ever look different and so nice! Really cute, Kammy!

  2. What a charming dollhouse. Looks lovely.

  3. Kammy,
    I LOVE it. You are a girl after my own heart. Your projects are very inspiring.

  4. Love your stairs, the colours gorgeous too! Very charming!

  5. Must see a pic of the loft! I love the stairs and the flower stencils you found on the floor.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. This might be turning into my favorite... what a cozy cute little space. I'd struggle renting it out all the time, it would be such a fun "Kammy's Korner"! :)... No boys allowed! Hah!

  8. Great job, A alot of work
    Will be back Hope you come by and follow me.

  9. WOW!!! So cool! I love your ideas. Very creative! Knowing myself I would have driven myself crazy trying to decide which stencils I should use and which ones could be matched up together. I love that you just went with different mismatched patterns on each stair tread. The colors you chose is really what brings all the patterns together. I wouldn't have thought of that! Great FUN project!


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