Monday, July 17, 2017

An Aqua Blue Kitchen Table For The Little Cabin

I'm going to guess it was about four years ago when I walked into a country church sale and bought this table AND four chairs AND two leaves - for just $10.  Someone wanted to buy a hodge podge of kitchen chairs from me, so I sold those off.  Then I pulled this thing out for a soup supper we had for our church last fall and was struck with how ugly it was.  And lonely, sitting there gathering cobwebs against the wall in the back shed.  It was time to be beautiful and shine!  (And what were those white spots?  I have no idea!)

I have this gallon of mistinted aqua blue paint that I've been using a lot lately.  The color just makes me sigh with contentment.  But asking what color it is does not... since I just told you it was a mistint. :)

After painting it with my mistinted no-name aqua blue (which I turned into chalk paint with Plaster of Paris), I distressed the edges with sandpaper so some of the dark wood showed through.

Then I put on my big girl panties, and got out the polyurethane.  
I. hate. poly.
But it's a necessity with a kitchen table!!  I put about four coats on with a foam brush.

One of the things I dislike about polyurethane is that it yellows.  Yes, even a little bit if you get the supposed "non-yellowing" kind.  But since this wasn't white, it was totally okay.  You can barely see the 'yellowed' areas.

Perfect for out in our little "cabin". Which, has been rented out two nights since we listed it on Airbnb last week, by the way!!  YAY!!! :)  Check out the listing HERE.

Now if only I hadn't been a bonehead and sold the matching chairs.... :)  But I got that super cute fold up one from Marie.  She just pulled in one day with her truck and said, "Hey, you want anything I got in here before it goes to Goodwill??"  Those, my peeps, are your true friends.

Thanks for stopping by!!  

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  1. Gorgeous transformation Kammy!! The beautiful color and your light touch with distressing ... just makes me sigh because it is so pretty. Thank you!
    ~ Christina in FL


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