Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Dixie Belle Chalk Paint: Faux Tile Floor At The Parma Antique Mall

I've got a fun paint project to share!
The new stairway in the Parma Antique Mall is an eye catcher.  However, the landing on the new stairs was not!
Like it needed something! Bad! Well something... is my thing.
Let's take a look at the nice paint-splattered plywood on the landing, shall we?

Yeah.... no.  We can do better than that.  
And I had to look no farther than 30 feet away... to the little nook where Doug Moe (Owner of the Parma Antique Mall) sells the Dixie Belle line of paint!  I'm spontaneous.  So no standing and staring at paint color swatches and hemming and hawing over the right shade of brown.  Coffee Brown and Mud Puddle looked perfect to me so I grabbed them off the shelf, ripped off the plastic seal and shook them on my way to the landing.

After burning 1,242 calories scrubbing the daylights out of the plywood with some soapy water, I covered the whole area with the Coffee Brown.  It went on smooth (as smooth as can be on a somewhat grooved surface), it dried in less than half an hour, and was ready for a second coat without me needing the hairdryer I brought.

The second coat took a tad longer to dry, but the birds in the cuckcoo clocks kept me company.
You ever been in an antique mall after hours?  Yeah. Creepy weird. 

Let's break down the materials used in this project:

2 foam rollers
small trim brush
wet rag for mistakes
Dixie Belle Coffee Bean and Mud Puddle *
Dixie Bell Satin Clear Coat*
Dixie Bell chip brush*
*items that can be purchased in stock at the Parma Antique Mall

I am an "eye ball" it kind of girl, so this tile-look stencil required a little more perfection than I'm used to.  Did I get it lined up totally perfectly?  No.  Did I have to scrub a few "tiles" off, repaint the dark undercoat and start fresh?  Yes.

Minimal amount of paint!  Like we're talking you want an almost DRY foam roller here, Pals.  After dipping my roller, I roll as much excess paint off as I can in a separate container. An ice cream bucket lid or similar works great for this.   You want to have to use some force to get paint out when rolling over the stencil.  If you don't?  I guarantee you IT WILL BLEED.

Cutting Edge makes it easy... just make sure your first two are square and you should be good to go.  Should be... I'm blaming my less-than-perfect lines on the lining up my first few with the unsquare wall.  Old buildings... hey it ain't shocking.

The next morning I used a chip brush to apply Dixie Belle's Clear Coat in Satin.  The second coat took awhile to dry so we had to close off the main stairway to customers.  Thankfully there's a back staircase. 

You can buy the Santa Ana stencil from Cutting Edge Stencil HERE.

Thanks for stopping by the Korner today!

And make sure you head to the Parma Antique Mall downtown Parma, Michigan to check out the Dixie Bell Paint line!
Not to mention all of the other treasures and deals of course!  
Coffee is always on, cold pops are in the fridge, and friendly faces to greet you.

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