Thursday, February 1, 2024

Beachy Vibe Dresser

My mother dear is the best. She sees little dressers like this for a few dollars at a garage sale and she snags them for me, even though she has to bring it 500 miles to get to me! :) Maybe it's her excuse to see the grandkids.  Maybe.

When I stashed all of these wood dowels upstairs in my workshop, I had no idea I would end up using them in so many different ways - especially for drawer pulls!

I had to break one of my rules about "buying new" because I really wanted to try using these metal "two hole straps". What on earth, I was in Lowes looking everywhere for these, I didn't know to say "Hey sir, can you tell me where the Two-Hole Straps are? Something tells me Mr. Lowes Dude wouldn't even know what I was talking about. It took lots of aisle wandering before I found them.

I used some wood glue on the back of the dowels too, because some of the clamps ended up a little loosey-goosey and I didn't want them sliding out so big brother could use them on a little sibling. Just kidding. I don't care.That's what makes younger siblings so tough. Uhhh... just kidding again.

I found a piece of wood trim and cut it to fit across the bottom. I keep every piece of wood - just in case! And there's always eventually a "just in case!" I mean if I have the room (sheds and barns).... why not hoard all the things? It's what keeps me out of the hardware stores!

I used different shades of grays and blues, mixing them together and adding tans... The stencil on the top drawer was just one of those cheap all-over stencils you get in the big packs at Walmart. The annoying ones that you have to punch out the whole design and not rip any while you're at it since they're made out of tagboard. It's worth it though, they're cheap and I use them a lot!

So I loved how it turned out, but it didn't sell at my huge two-day barn sale. It was still in my barn a few weeks ago when one of my sweet Airbnb guests asked if she could take a peek inside the big old building. She spotted this and thought her daughter would love it. She packed it into the back of her little Prius and drove it 530 miles home, where her daughter welcomed it with open arms. Yay!

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