Sunday, June 4, 2017

Curbside Office Chair

Laugh and point ALL YOU WANT when you see me driving around Parma during spring clean up day snatching "junk" off the curbs cuz CHECK IT OUT, YO!  

This was DAY ONE'S haul - in just 45 minutes of leaving my house after getting a text from a local that read "Kammy, people are putting good stuff on the curb.  If you want anything you better hurry!"
I love it that my Parma peeps are always lookin' out for me. :)

So I got my in's too - a few people put their stuff back by their garage until I've taken what I want before they haul it all to the curb.  I oughta make those dudes some cookies!  Like I said, love that my Parma peeps are always lookin' out for me!

So I snagged this chair.  It was totally stripped of any varnish or finish so the bare wood just SOAKED up the paint. And that's a good thing, because that means it won't scratch easy.  Yay!   Don't bother asking what specific shade of blue this is - it's a mistint that I bought marked down, like all the other paint I buy.

It was also missing it's wheels, but this is when being a hoarder comes in handy.  Of course I had a box of old wheels that I've collected and luckily I had four that matched.  Bingo!

Ain't she perty??  But I think anything blue is....  except for my teeth and lips after that graduation cake I ate this morning. 

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  1. She's purdy fo sho! :) Love the color and that you left her mid-section kinda rusty looking. :) If she squeaks when you tilt and/or turn, then she is perfect. I have a thing for squeaky wooden desk chairs and wooden screen doors. :)
    You always create beautifully. Thanks always, Christina in FL

  2. Curbside junk pickup....I love it! My kids tell me I need to watch the road! It's distracting isn't it! ha. Looks great now! Cute folding chairs too. Fun makeovers!!


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