Sunday, September 19, 2010

Painted Kitchen Counter Tops?!

We're going to go from THIS: The ugly, cheap looking peachy pink cream whatever you want to call them counter tops BEFORE, to....... THIS!

At last.  The painted counter tops.  Usually I'm met with a look of "Kammy, you have totally lost it with your thriftiness if you think painted counter tops are going to look even remotely classy" when I mention the idea.  Well, only time will tell how well these hold up.  But I'm here to tell you, that for now it has worked, looks classy, and I LOVE IT!!!  Here's how it all went down.
We bought Rustoleum Countertop Paint from Lowes.  Didn’t know they made such a thing, did you??  I bought two and had one tinted granite, and the other tinted pewter.  It was $20 each.  I used about half the granite color, and hardly any of the pewter.
Scared to be doing such a scary thing!  NOTE: Must use a FOAM ROLLER to apply.
Beware.  This stuff smells so bad you'd be thankful if a skunk would spray you so you could have a fresher aroma to sniff.
After applying the darker ganite color, I put on a glove and dipped a plastic grocery bag in the pewter color, tapping off the excessive paint on a cool whip lid.  Make sure the bottom coat is almost dry, but still slightly tacky.
Lightly press the crumpled up sack randomly on the counter top.
Wait THREE DAYS before putting anything on it, and then have all the little cousins over to test it's durability!

My big mistake during this project:  I used too much pressure when rolling on the paint and should have rolled in one continuous long motion all the way to the end of the counter.  When the light shines on the countertop the right way, you can see my roller marks!  OOPS!

****Read about my updated paint job - My "big mistake" bothered me enough to redo them and add lots more color - HERE.


  1. Great job Kammy. It really IS easy and for $20 a can, looks great. I painted one this summer and thought I would lightly sand between coats to remove some blemishes. I was in too much of a hurry, and when I put the next coat of paint on, all of my sand marks "crackled" the next coat. Ditto on the OOPS. The great thing is that one can goes a long ways!

    ps. If you ever figure out how to paint a sofa and love seat, please let us know.

  2. Looks good, did you get a new fridge to?

  3. Anonymous, I was going to paint the fridge too (surprise), but for the last month water has been leaking out of it and the morning we painted the counters we came downstairs to warm food. So painted fridge turned in to NEW fridge!!

  4. Thank you again for shopping at Lowe's!! I used to work in the paint department and wondered when i would pass that how it would look. I'll have to give it a try. I have horrible fake would counter-tops. Thanks. Erica D.

  5. I just moved into a new house and have been thinking of painting my kitchen countertops. Yours turned out so nice! I appreciate the tutorial and tips and will be using some of them.

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  7. paint for a living n can tell you it will not adhere very long everything will scratch the latex part of it all...)


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