Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Last of Raquel and Abby's Furniture

Raquel and Abby were getting bedroom makeovers.  Their sweet mommy sent me a photo of the purple walls, white beds, and wild zebra comforters, via cell phone.  I scrounged around for my magnifying glass to see these cute rooms on my itty bitty screen and then went searching for the missing furniture they needed.  This has definitely been my largest paint order by far and I was quite excited!!  After my hubby made the above delivery, I received an email from and little Raquel's mother and it said "we love the pieces - my daughter spent all night in her room coloring at her desk. she said, Mom this is going to be a great semester!"  My heart was a happy heart. :)  Soooo, over the last week, I have posted about all of the above furniture except for this last little chair...
I decided going the zebra route might be overkill so I did this...........

But it looked like little doileys.  After it sitting in my dining room over night, I just couldn't hack it.  And if I couldn't hack it, I didn't think the girl on the recieving end would be able to either.  So... I covered the larger than life polka dots with two coats of black paint and started over.
Light purple flowers kiss the seat (minus the polka dots on steroids) and it's a little girl winner! 

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