Friday, November 11, 2011

It's safe to sit. Bat Poo Be-Gone.

My mommy brain is kicking in.  I can't remember if I pulled three of these awful gorgeous chairs off a trash pile on the curb or paid a dollar for them at a garage sale.  I'm thinking it was the trash pile.  They got put upstairs in my barn and it was kind of "out of sight, out of mind".  Until I wanted a desk chair that rolled last week.  So I went up in the bat poopy hay loft, tried to carry it down the precarious stairs as far away from my body as possible, and cleaned it up.
Thanks to Heather over at Design With Life for an awesome gift of scrap fabric from Ikea!!!  These were in narrow strips, so two of them had to be sewn together to make it wide enough to cover the seat cushion.  But I don't mind the seam, so if I don't, you shouldn't either.  :)  Oh, and if anyone can help me!  I've WD40'd the daylights out of the wheels.  And used a tweezers to pull hair out.  And I can't get them to roll!!!

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  1. Great job! I love the graphic fabric. I think having the seam on it gives it a cool pattern. Are the casters & wheels plastic? If they are they might just be too scratched up to actually roll. I would have thought getting the hair out would've done the can probably pick up some new wheels at the local hardware store or even Craigslist.

  2. nice work as always!!
    ashley @creating love & joy

  3. OH MY, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this chair:):):) And when you figure out the wheels let me know, the girls' school chairs do not roll anymore either, tried the hair removal, and nothing.... Thanks!!

  4. Great job, it looks great!

  5. Myself being very determined, I would remove the wheels entirely, and try swashing them around in a bucket of hot water, individually. I have a feeling they might be jammed up with gunk. If that doesn't work, try spritzing them with olive oil, and using a gloved hand to wriggle them back into movement. If they still won't move after that, I would then suggest replacing them at Lowes. Or if you have a working set on a chair or other peice of wheeled furniture, you plan on removing the wheels off of, then I would use those. These are a few ideas I could think of. Hope they help.

  6. Very nice redo project, thanks for sharing!

  7. Kammy, I'm having a hard time reading the post for some reason (the formatting is wonky when viewed from my computer) but I WAS able to snag a photo and LOVED it. Therefore, you've been featured!


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