Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Doors for Decor

Sometimes when I'm at my friend Marie's house, I just walk around with my camera because I just know there's bound to be something I'll feel like posting on my blog someday.  She's just so darn creative.  Now, I know she's not the first to prop a door up in the corner of a room for decoration, but I just loved her whole adding the shelf and curtain....  And she had no idea this was getting taken, so pardon the lack of photo staging!!!  As I said, I just walked around one day snapping pictures in her house... :)  
Don't ya love the way it dresses up an otherwise boring old corner??  Well I for one, do! :)
And that's all I've got for you today because I'm tuckered out and heading to bed!  If you've been following along, I'd say Tori is officially potty trained - and not turning two years old until April!!!!  I'm ONE HAPPY MAMA to be done with diapers - hopefully for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!  Poop might not be as bad when it's your own child's, but it's STILL GROSS.  And I still have to put my shirt over my nose when it's my own sweet lil' darling's!!!  We started last Tuesday, so it's been eight days.  She wasn't as quick of a learner as her older brothers.  But if you want to know my take on potty training, CLICK HERE on a post I put out awhile back.


  1. very cute door, and congrats on the potty training!!!

  2. Congratulations Tori (and Momma)
    Our is doing well but still insists on 10 panties at a time! Oh well, whatever works!
    Love the door, with I had a place for one.

  3. Holy Cow Kammy, too funny! We could have at least taken the razors and women's personal articles off the shelf! Ha ha, come back and we'll really stage this with a POP! Marie


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