Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I ruined it! But now it's a beautiful chalkboard window.

Pretty much every time I get some chalkboard paint on my brush, I run around the house looking for anything else I might be able to turn in to a chalkboard.  I mean hey, while the paint is out and all, might as well shoot the whole flock of geese flying over.  My eyes landed on this window.  It's been a source of whimpering and feeling sorry for myself.
Doesn't it look just awful?  I was so proud of it.  I stenciled the words and the flower design on the back (and stenciling words while spelling them backwards isn't the easiest thing for this monster cookie short a few M&M's.  In fact, I got done and the "s's" were backwards and I painstakingly had to razor blade a square of black out and redo them).  Then I spray painted over the entire thing black and BOY was I patting myself on the back for how awesome it was turning out.  Then.  THEN. I sprayed some clear coat over the back and applied some brown paper to seal it.  That's when I turned it over to look at my finished product and let out a heart rending cry of pain.  The clear coat had a bad reaction to the black spray paint. One of them must have wronged the other and has been holding a grudge for a long time so when they met up they just exploded at one another.  That's why it's important folks, that we forgive one another!!!  God forgave us so much, how can we not forgive our fellow man for any wrongs committing against us?  (Hey, I'm preaching to myself here too!).  Anyways, this window has been chillin' on the stair ledge going down to the basement.  I was dreading the thought of trying to scrape it clean and now I'm glad I didn't have to!  Chalkboard paint to the rescue!
I used a stencil from Hobby Lobby in each corner and mmmmm mmmmmm, I love the vintagy feel this ole' chalkboard window is now struttin'!  I brought it to Fabulous Darling to sell, however I think I'll do another one for myself since I have the perfect spot in my kitchen for it!
And for the millionth and one time, I'll repost this picture and my recipe: 2 tablespoons plaster of paris to 1 cup of flat black paint.  Do I measure?  Not a chance.

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  1. You crack me up :) The window looks awesome and i love the PB&J served daily!

  2. Looks great! One door closes and another door opens!

  3. Looks great! From lemons to lemon-aide! Good save!

  4. I have a few old windows in my back yard that I've been pondering what to do with. I like this. I didn't realize you could make your own chalkboard paint. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love it and I love the receipe for chalk paint. I use Annie Sloan chalk paint, but it does get expensive because I use it on everything. I have a shop and am doing part of it in outdoor furniture. I am going to paint 2 windows in chalk paint and hang them with words of plants and all on them for the entry to my plant shop. Thanks again. Have added you to one of my favorite blogs. Hope you don't mind.
    Betty Whatley

  6. This is great. love it!
    I’d love if you would come link this up at From Scratch Friday!


  7. So cute! I've been contemplating whether to add chalkboard paint to my two oblong frames in my dining room. I think I might do it, but I'm scared bc it's so permanent! Love your blog! Found you on Tip Junkie. I'm your newest follower : )

    Caroline @ Double the Decor


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