Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Powder Room Redo: Where My Ma Gets Purdy

Not too long ago, My mom called and asked how I thought horizontal stripes would look in her powder room.  Okay, I don't think she called it that, we're really not proper folk, but since that's what everyone calls it in blogland, I'll jump on the bandwagon.  It's technically not the bathroom, since the toilet/shower area is the next room over.  Anyways, I said Horizontal stripes?!!  You know I'm all about those!  Yes ma'am, grab that painters tape and don't let another minute waste!  And she didn't.  Not that she would've.  Grass does not grow under that woman's feet.
It looks more yellow in this picture, but it's actually more of a gold color.  It was a cheapo mistint, of course. The light fixture clashed BAD and the mirror just had to go.
Years ago, decades ago actually, a friend had given this old mirror to my mom.  It's been stored in the basement the last while and she remembered she had it.  Wow, doesn't it look a trillion times better?!  So listen up, the only thing that really cost any money was the light fixture!  Which Mom said was around $70.  Not bad for a fabulous looking "Powder Room"!
Another angle of the bathroom before.......

and after!
I'm not going to get tired of horizontal stripes anytime soon.  Way to go, Mom! 

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  1. sooo pretty! I LOVE how it looks like a completely different bath! love the colour, and the stripes! good job!

  2. I love how it turned out! Good job :)

  3. Looks fantastic! :) Love the stripes. :)

  4. Love the color combo!! Looks so much fresher {wait, is that even a word?} ha, you know what I mean :)

  5. Wow, she did a great job, Kammy! I love the horizontal stripes and that mirror worked out great.

  6. That mirror is gorgeous. The room looks great!

  7. Oh, yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about. The whole room is FABulous. Way to go, Kim!

  8. Man all these AWESOME bathroom redo's are really making me want to do mine now!!! Love this, it's perfect~


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