Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Braided Willow Tree Star

 I've been wanting a big star.  A big star for this big blank corner of my house.  For some reason, when they built our addition, there was some darn code that wouldn't allow a window on this wall.  It bugs me every time we pull in the driveway coming from the East.
 I wanted a metal star, but couldn't find a good deal on one.  Then my mother and I got our creative noggin's together and while I was bent on making one out of rustic barn wood, she just kept twirling her braid around her finger and I could see the wheels turning in that noggin' of hers and as we wandered around our acreage the light bulb flashed on as her eyes landed on our weeping willow tree.  Insert breath here. That lady I call "Mom" is behind me, reprimanding me for my run-on sentence.  So we bent down the branches we could reach, and they pulled off rather easily.   

Here's the  beautiful weeping willow tree where our "star" originated from.  Thankfully, most of it has grown back from when lightening struck a chunk of it off a few years ago.  Boy, that was a sad day!
Let me tell you.  It was swell mother/daughter bonding time as I held the one end of the branches we wired together and she braided them.  If you have a mother, you really should make a willow tree star with her.  Tomorrow.  Anyhoo, the branches were quite pliable and easy to work with.  Well, that's what she said.  I'm taking her word for it.
Close up of the braid.
The star is not only wired together at each point and where they cross, but wired tightly onto the ladder too.  We piled big rocks all around the base of the ladder to keep it from blowing into the neighbor's yard on a gusty Michigan day. No need to worry too much though if it does, since Neighbor Grandpa can just fix it for me.   He's gotten rather famous as of late for his ladder-fixing abilities.  You can contact me for his number, should you need his services.

This corner is finally starting to get some charm!!  I can't wait until the bushes and my weeping cherry tree double in size.  I get so impatient with landscaping sometimes!  Oh, and stay tuned on that  old wooden ladder.  Rather funny story on it...... :)

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  1. love this and it really looks great...bonding with Mom priceless...really...spend time with Mom, have her tell fun story and tape it...keep her voice forever...My mom has Alheimer's and no longer talks at all...I plan on a link party some day,Memory Monday I hope to start in Oct. Sept is crazy for me...Thank you for the fun comment...Kammys Kalamities yeah I like it..want a crazy star,look in August I think...I did a large star for a holiday linky....all paper....

  2. That looks amazing!!! It looks great in that space :D Awesome that it was free!

  3. This looks amazing!!! I love the star with the ladder too!

  4. That is awesome! Creativity abounds! LOL

  5. I am totally jealous of your weeping cherry tree! I want one so bad but am waiting until we move. I don't want to get one to just have to leave it behind! :)


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