Friday, April 26, 2013

Piano Vignette {Antique Window}

Okay, so time to confess.
  I ain't never heard the word "vignette" in my life, until I started blogging and then got comments like "Oh, that is a lovely vignette".  Of course I did what every young twenty-first century girl would do.  I googled it.  And now I feel like my friend Maran, using words like "Vignette" in blog post titles and on the phone with my highly educated brother.  Oh wait, I don't use it verbally, since I'm only 90% sure of the pronunciation. 
 And I wouldn't want ya'll to think I sounded like a 
hick wanna-be designer!

The top of my piano has always been one of those areas where
 "Oh, I got this cool vase at a garage sale.  No clue where to put it though...
 I'll just stick in on the piano for now". 
 And then every time my mom comes to visit from Iowa she rearranges it.  But guess what?!  I think I actually have a keeper "vignette".

It begins with these windows I got for five buckaroos at the no-longer-existing Jackson Resale Factory.  Sniff, sniff.  I miss you guys.

I just painted the sign the other day, since I had the paint on my brush from a dresser I just finished, and the acorn wreath I made last fall when my kids were filling buckets of nuts from off the driveway.  The rest is a hodge podge of flea market and garage sale finds.  Oh, the stick swag... well that just came about after a windy day and before I mowed the lawn. :)

And in case you noticed that there were two of those beautiful old windows and didn't notice the post I did awhile back on that "vignette", here it is:

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Oh, and speaking of wreaths, Lush Wreath Works is having an awesome clearance sale!
You will WANT to check it out - perfect Mother's Day gift, right there!! :)

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  1. Great looking stuff, Kammy! I've got a slew of projects waiting in the wings myself....and finally the warm weather is HERE!!!

  2. That window frame is amazing!! Love that ARCH! And yes you're "vignette" is beautiful Madam!!

  3. Hey...I didn't know what vignette was either! But heck, I was blogging for 6 months before I knew what a link party was... LOVE the piano (especially the bench) and love the vignette!


  4. How cute! I'm loving your vignette. Newest follower here :) Angela @ HickoryTrail


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