Saturday, May 25, 2013

Big and Bold and Something to Behold

 I bought this way back when I discovered Toggles and Trinkets or whatever that amazing thrift store in Waverly, IA is called that I fell in love with while visiting one Christmas and vowed I'd be back to shop every time I'm in that great corn state and now haven't been back *breath* since that day two and a half years ago.  A few months ago, I got around to painting it dark gray on the bottom and light gray on the top.  It didn't turn out looking at all the way I had envisioned and stuck it in a corner. 
 It was very entertaining for my daughter to drop glass marbles into it.  Are your kids infatuated with marbles like mine are?  Do NOT come to my house if you have a baby who sticks everything in her mouth.  Marbles are everywhere.  EV-REEEE-WHERE!  Stuffed in my computer speakers, in the piano, in the fireplace, in the couch, in my coffee, the cat's ears.   I put my munchkin in the pic so you could get an idea of how tall this beauty is.  I suppose I could just measure it, but who the heck knows where my measuring tape is.  Finding it might require me to completely reorganize my craft room.  Ain't nobody got time for dat.
Then I had this gorgeous bright apple green spray paint and faded it up then sprayed light aqua blue around the middle, fading that so the light gray still shows at the top and the middle has a small amount of the dark gray peaking through.  Don't know if that made much sense, but I tried.  I hate writing tutorials.  You should know that about me now.  :)  I still have nowhere to put this but in odd corners that don't need to be filled...
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  1. I love that color combination! The vase looks awesome! ~Tammy

  2. This looks so nice, I really like the size. Oh and yes I have the marble situation too. My son likes playing with them. LoL


  3. I like the colors you have used.


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