Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Bottle Collection and Orange Light Fixture

I really don't have "collections".  This is about as collect-y as I get.  Vintage bottles!  And maybe some not even vintage, I just like the color or shape or whatever.  I pick them up when they are fifty cents at garage sales, or even find them in the ditch when I'm walking.

And what's up with my crazy old orange light fixture?
It was in one of the junkiest of junk stores I've ever been in.  So much dusty stuff packed into such a tiny space that you could hardly walk through it without knocking something over!  I kid you not, I think if you're hips were any wider than about 36 inches, you wouldn't be able to walk through it.  I found this dusty light and it totally grabbed me.  I had to have it.  A woman with the hugest frizzy beehive hairdo I've ever seen came to my assistance.  She had a couple of colorful teeth poking out and informed me that it was a specially marked tag so it was half off.  I took it home for just $12, if my memory serves me right!!  I think it's good to have a few "surprises" in your house here and there.  I guess you could say this is one of mine. :)

Sorry for the photo quality of these next couple photos.  I'm not a photographer and just cannot seem to get a decent shot with that huge bright sliding door/window!  

About three short years ago, it looked like this (below) for a very small amount of time.  A very small amount of time because soon after this paint job and kitchen makeover, we put an addition on to our house and no longer needed this for an eating area.  Yippee!!!  The beadboard (wainscoting) that is now in the kitchen we salvaged from the laundry room that got torn off.  So glad we kept it all!

I'm so glad I decided to add a little color to all the cobalt blue!  Adds much more interest to that area.  
Pretty blah bananas before.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. OH wow.... absolutely love your blog.... Following you with much love and appreciation...

  3. I loveeee that light! It's so pretty and vintage! :)

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

  4. Child, you do have an eye for design! Pottery barn has nothing on you! Great remake, & I'm glad you found another place to use the beadboard!

  5. Nice bottle collection! I love the variety of color. ~ Rose

  6. I love your home:)

    Kisses from Poland!

  7. I don't know why you are apologizing...that bargain light fixture fits and looks perfect in that space. Was that white piece hanging down in the center part of the original fixture, or something you added? It really looks lovely, and you sure got a bargain.

  8. What's not to love about that vintage light?
    I love it! can read about my vintage lights here...

    ...I think your orange light is perfect and pops against that gray!

  9. that's a slag glass hanging lamp, worth a bit more than 14.00 well done


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