Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Classy Black Dresser

I actually bought this bad boy out in Iowa 
one summer and hauled it all the way back to Michigan with me.  Or maybe my mom brought it back on one of her trips.  I'm not sure if I can't remember because I'm old, a mom, or a blond.
Probably a mixture of all three.

I painted the whole thing with red homemade chalk paint first and then did a semi gloss black over top. 
The idea was to give it a distressed look with red peeking through the edges.  Had I read the candle wax trick a few weeks before yesterday, this would have been a zillion times easier and probably looked a zillion times better!  What you do is, take a candle and rub it anywhere you want your first color to show through.  After your top coat dries, sand it lightly and it the top color will just magically disappear in those waxed places to make a beautiful distressed and aged look.  Ahhhhhh. Next time!!
(It does work, since I tried it on the mirror - which I forgot the dresser had and did it after I finished taking pictures of the dresser!)

 Since it was missing the bottom drawer pull, I did something totally not like the Kamster to do.  Ever.  I bought six brand spankin' new drawer pulls from Lowes.  I couldn't find a pull to match the other five for the life of me - especially since they were five inches wide - a rare size!  Even then, they still didn't fit right and my sweet Daddy drilled the screw holes bigger for me so they'd work.  I spray painted the top with a metallic Rustoleum and now they look even more like fangs.  What.  Don't you think?
  I swear this dresser is gonna bite me.

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One last look at how she was and how she is!

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  1. That stinks you had to buy 6 new pieces of hardware, but the dresser looks great!

  2. Love it, Kammy! I did a custom job with the same colors for a client up in Mason City last year. Another trick... When you go to do a final coat of clear wax, the black will come right off, if you rub hard on the edges. And I totally found that out by accident. :) But you know what, I still think it looks GREAT! :)

  3. Beautiful paint job! Another trick for you is rubbing vaseline on the first coat areas you want to peek through the top coat. Paint right over the vaseline, then wipe it off with a rag. :)

  4. I hate replacing hardware, sometimes it costs more than the dresser. But, love what your finished project looks like. Wish my dad was around to drill for me.

  5. Kammy, I bought a dresser exactly like this and painted it black. My husband hated it so I gave it to a neighbor who needed one. I had to replace hardware also.


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