Friday, August 16, 2013

Clipped Hosta Stem Arrangement

Hi my name is Kammy.  
I'm a small-scale hoarder.
I accumulate junk.
I have a very difficult time throwing anything out.  
I just might be able to do something with it some day.
Even the stems I cut off of my hostas when all the pretty little purple flowers have shriveled and died.
So this year, I kept them.  And I'm glad I did!

I cut the stems as low as I could, 
laid them all in a pile and sawed the ends off in one big bunch so the bottom and top were both flat.  I used  a big, sharp, scary knife.  The same one you'll meet if you come to my door unexpected. 
 Just kidding.
A saw might actually work better - they were tough buggers.

And since I can't throw anything out, the square of burlap came from the inside of an old chair I took apart.

I have to say I made a big step for a mini hoarder like myself today.
As in, ripped them up and burned them in a fire before I could change my mind.
That felt.... 
kind of freeing.......

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  1. You're a creative hoarder that styles what she hoards. That could put a whole new twist on hoarding and might just make a show worthy of HGTV, don't you think? LOL


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