Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Rustic Piano Scape {Mom Strikes Again}

Hello, Everybody!  It's Kammy's Mom here today at the controls "OUCHHHHH" - she just about amputated my toe - what a way to start this post.  Anyway, I'm here visiting again and you know what happens when that happens.  Things happen!  I was excited when Kammy's piano was featured on one of my favorite blogs,  "Better After".   Kammy was bemoaning that her outfit wasn't red carpet quality.. (well Kammy, maybe you should look in the mirror once in awhile).  Anyways, I was looking at the vignette on the piano top and thinking...  hmmmm that window is cool but it looks like Mt.Everest arising on the horizon.
Well?  Was that your thought after seeing this picture??

I suggested she relocate Mt. Everest to another location but "nope"... it had to stay there. 

Okayyyyy.  At least Kammy has a huge stack of junk - I mean treasures - to look through... Away to the stashes I went.  My mom, who loves antiques, (especially ones that have some sort of meaning) gave Kammy some old license plates. This one is from our home state of Iowa and from "1936" which is the year my Dad was born. We hung it on an antique pointed thingy Kammy picked up at a garage sale once for 25 cents.

I found an old bushel basket that was full of magic markers and Nerf bullets and propped that up on the piano, filled it with old folded feed sacks...I am liking it so far.... Then found an antique wooden box with antique photographs that were found in the walls of Kammy's house! How cool is that?

 Now some old barn boards nailed together and a picture of the kids clipped on with one of kammy's mildewy, weathered clothespins!!  Want to know the story behind those? Read about them here.

Next an old scale with Mrs. Bunny on it for a weigh in.  My neighbor was having a garage sale this summer during one of Kammy's visits home to Iowa.  Fortunately, Mrs. Jackson doesn't hold grudges against misbehaving students in the library and gave her a great deal on this vintage scale.  Yes, she was also the librarian of the Dike-New Hartford Highschool library and put up with a lot.  The rabbit was found in a pile of junk on a curb while Kammy was out mowing lawns one day.

Last, but not least, is a wreath that my grandkiddos made when their mama tried to keep them busy by picking up acorns and gluing them onto a wreath....

I think I like the finished look...

Guess I didn't mention this lizard.   I'm pretty sure I bought it in Mexico as a souvenir for Kammy once.  But sometimes my brain is fuzzy, and I can't remember.  It could have come from Hobby Lobby... but sure seems like I got it in a different country!

And I did this little vignette while Kammy was out mowing lawns  and I was suppose to be watching my granddaughter. She's a good egg.  Well, sometimes.

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  1. Great job!!! No offense, Kammy! LOL! I really love how it fills the space! :D (Yes, Kammy... I'm trying to win brownie points with your mom. HA HA HA!)

  2. Kammy, I could actually hear your mom talking through her writing! And she did a great job on the vignette. Rats. I really wanted that “mountain” on your piano. Now that it looks so cute up there, I suppose you want to keep it...

  3. Well, now we know where Kammy gets her sense of humor from! Great job on the vignette too!

  4. Big improvement with the piano-top vignette, Mom. It's more balanced now and so much more interesting to look at as your eye travels up and down. Yes, Mom, I'm the same Linda S. who sided with you in the clothespin debate. Love that picture of your grandkids.

  5. Whoops, forgot to say: "Oh, Hi Kammy"!

  6. I like the improvements made. I'm always going to my mom for inspiration and advice. She is usually right ;-) The piano is gorgeous! We'd love to have you link this up at our All Things Thursday Blog Hop!

  7. It looks beautiful and I love, love the acorn wreath!

  8. LOVE the acorn wreath! Thank you so much for joining our party!

    Totally pinned!

    Happy day!


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