Wednesday, February 5, 2014

huge pallet art {guest post}

Hey there.  It's Becky again, from over at the logbook.  Today I want to share with you a piece of pallet art that is in my living room.  When Kammy was visiting my home a while back she saw this pallet art and decided it needed a blog post!

My living room has a large wall with no windows or doors {18 feet long to be exact}.  When we moved in almost four years ago I couldn't decide what to do with the wall.  There were all sorts of picture arrangements and shelves that I tried.  But in the end it seemed like too many little things, cluttered in a small spot, on a large wall.  It just didn't work.  I knew that I needed a large piece of art for the wall.  But a large piece of art was not in my budget!  After digging on Pinterest I came across some pallet style art.

I knew that this could be the perfect solution for my large wall.  My husband bought twenty-four 1 by 4 pieces of wood, and had them cut to about 8 feet long.  {This was about eight inches shorter than my wall.}  He lined them all up and then placed four 1 by 4 boards across the wood as support beams, using wood glue to keep them in place.  He then nailed each piece of wood into the support beams.

{You can see the support beams hiding behind the pallet in this picture.}

I didn't want the boards to scrape up my wall so I purchased self adhesive felt sheets.  I cut, and put the felt on the support beams in the back.  This allowed the pallet to lay up against the wall without rubbing off paint.  

Once that was all done I applied an extra large vinyl decal from blik.  There are so many vinyl decals available today that you are sure to find something that fits your style!  

If you don't want to use a decal the options are unlimited.  Paint, stencil, stain.... 

In the end I was thrilled I found an inexpensive way to take up such a large space on my wall.  It sits on my floor and is behind my couch so that no one can pull it over.  No nails, no overly expensive art purchase, and it makes a big statement.  A huge win!  

{Oh, and side note: if you make one this large try to assemble it in the room where you will be displaying the pallet.  If not, measure first to make sure it will fit through door ways.  And have a couple of strong men around to help move the beast!  Not that I would be speaking from experience.....}

If you like this pallet art be sure and check out my logbook where I share other fun ideas for your home and family!
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