Friday, February 28, 2014

Seat To Rustic Barrel Trash Can

When my mother-in-law went to Ohio to clean out her dad's house, she brought me back a van full of goodies. 
 This set of furniture was in her room when she was a little girl!  How fun!

The little drum seat was super interesting.  I assumed I would take the faded fabric off and replace it with something trendy.  But when I saw what was under it....

 plans changed!

Ty The Guy set to work removing staples.

It was a big job and so he enlisted little sis to help.

After lots of slivers and sanding and polyurathane, we hung horseshoes on jute twine and had a beautiful new trash barrel for the office.  Who woulda thunk it - once covered in pink flowers for a little girl to sit on and comb her locks!

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  1. Very cool! How neat to find an awesome barrel underneath!

  2. Looks so much better as a barrel!

  3. It's hard to believe that is what was hiding under all of those ruffles! Love how it turned out. Stopping by from Party Junk and pinned ~ Amy

  4. Wow! The barrel is in great shape. Never knew they were so crafty back then too. I love your helpers, they're so adorable. You did a great job! Visiting from Funky Junk party.


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