Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My $5 Stainless Steel Sink. That's Right. {Before & After}

So back in June when we bought "The Lefere Mansion"... I was going to do my usual.  Paint everything, do some minor tweaking, and call it good.  We all know that is not exactly how it worked out!  But I was totally fine with living with this white sink.  Hubby on the other hand, was not... and it got all sorts of abuse during demo.

He called me one day and said someone had listed a stainless steel one for sale at work.  Fifty five dollars, but it was shallow.  I didn't want to live with a shallow sink.  I told him to hold off.

Then a few days later, I was driving in to town with the kiddos and passed a sign for the Sandstone Church Sale.  I slowed down, but I had vowed to myself "no more garage sales!  We're moving and I need to purge, not get more!"  Then my more sensible side piped up "But what if there is something I need for the house?"  I turned around.

What was the first thing I saw in the grass, before I even put the mini in park?!  A stainless steel sink!  And it was deep! And the price was FIVE DOLLARS!!!!!!!!  The Lord is good!  (Even if I hadn't found a $5 sink, He still is good!)

I asked one of the men working the sale if there was anything wrong with it.  He didn't seem to think so.  I paid for it before anyone else decided to lay claim, and two sweet gentlemen offered to put it in the back of my van while I finished browsing.   My son told me as they were putting it in the back of the van for me that one muttered to the other "These women buy used things at sales and don't know what they're getting into".  Huh, what?!  Yeah okay, he's right.  But I figured for five dollars, who cares.  I'd let the hubby decide.

So, here is the stunning sight..... before my five dollar beauty went in:

And after!

We had just newly purchased a sink/faucet for our previous house (not knowing we were going to be selling it shortly!) and we loved the faucet so we just went right back to Lowes and got the same one.  I love the built in soap dispenser, and how the end unhooks as a hose so I can spray the sink out.

My kids have a new found love for washing the dishes. 
 Let's hope this is not a passing phase!!

I'm pretty excited to have a garbage disposal for the first time, too!!!!  No more yucky dishes of scraps in the fridge waiting to be dumped.  Okay, so not as many.  My mom just loved to come to my house and see my scraps.  Ha.

A final peek at what this area looked like before.... and after!
(I guess I should say during, since the walls aren't painted yet!)

To see the kitchen pass through window before and after pictures, click HERE.

Stay tuned for more before and afters! :)
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  1. Oh my word what a transformation !!! $5 for a sink ?!?! For goodness sakes - I am coming to Jackson next summer to go garage sailing with you :P !

  2. I'm so happy for you! I live with a 6 inch deep sink and it is just murder. I get wet all the time from splashes etc. And the faucet is horrible and has no sprayer so I can't rinse the sides. You did a wonderful job of prettying up a pretty bad area! I'm sure it makes you feel so much better.

  3. I am beyond impressed....the kitchen looks so different. Did you paint the cabinets yourself??? Super awesome! Christine from Little Brags

  4. Love the transformation!! Did you get your countertops from Lowes? and is your backsplash also from Lowes? If so, may I ask if it is the copper or the bronze? Love your new Kitchen!! Hope you will be sharing the entire finished Kitchen with us soon.....


  5. Very nice! You are ALL doing such an amazing job. Can't wait to see more.


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