Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rustic Ladder Vignette {Family Room}

I love ladders.  Really love them.
At our old house, I had them going horizontal on the wall (which is the same one you see now), vertically leaning on the wall in my little girl's room as a display, outside against the house for plants to grow up, used them for craft show displays, etc.  They're just the perfect piece for just about every room.  Maybe soon I'll do a "ladder round-up post" showing all the different ways I've used them.

But today, here's a peek into my family room - specifically my old ladder vignette.


The old feed sack you see was something I picked up for free while rummaging through someone's barnwood they had for sale.  I didn't buy any barnwood, but they did let me go home with a stack of old feed sacks.  They were filthy, with feeds bits still in them and I had a hard time getting the stains out.  So hard in fact, that they never came out. :)  The roses are from a centerpiece from a beautiful wedding we recently attended.

 Now I know this frame isn't the right size, but sometimes I just go with it.  I loved the oval shaped cut out to balance all the "squares" of the ladder and I totally fell in love with this original cardboard ad for "High-Grade Custom Tailoring".  I was super fortunate that my hubby's aunt didn't want to move "stuff" to her new house and I inherited a whole wooden box (which is awesome in itself!!) of old prints from the late 1800's and early 1900's.  She said her mom kept them to frame and decorate with, and then she was going to do something with them buy never got around to it.  Funny thing is, the print to be framed is actually glued on the backside of this.  The ad was just being used for the cardboard!  Bad thing is, I adore the print from 1908 on the other side too.....  decisions, decisions...

I wouldn't trust this chair to hold anyone over about one hundred pounds, but it's too pretty not to show off.  I paid five dollars for it and if you want to see it's makeover, click HERE.

The little wood table you see was actually a green upholstered bench that belonged to my mother-in-law as a girl.  You can see it's transformation HERE.

This house is feeling like "Home!".
This is my view from where I sit on the couch, read my Bible, and drink my morning coffee:

What did this room look before?  

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  1. Coming along nicely! I'm looking forward to your Ladder Redux!

  2. Sure missing joining you & 'my precious Tori' :-) I'll 'bug' you again someday in the New Year :-) .

  3. What a transformation!! Great job!


  4. I love it! Your room is so light and cheery. I have this thing for old ladders as well. Here's what I did with one:

  5. I LOVE the colors on your walls! Very fresh and inviting!!!

  6. I'm loving the ladder, and the awesome progress on the house. I love the before and after.

    Sarah @ Backwoods Babies

  7. lovely. i love the ladder and so much more. great before & after. you did a wonderful job.
    warmly- mj

  8. Amazing Kammy, it looks so peaceful. And I love your couch, coffee & Bible time...same as me!

  9. Beautiful! What a gorgeous room!!

  10. Oh my, how things are falling into place! What a beautiful view you have from your little corner of the world. Very pretty room Kammy!


  11. Hi Kammy,
    I love your ladder vignette. I use an old orchard ladder against the wall in my laundry room to display vintage wooden coat hangers and old children's clothes. They are so versatile. I look forward to following your blog and seeing other ways you've used ladders for display. I love them!


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