Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bath Time Subway Art Canvas {Master Bath}

The big white wall behind my big white tub which I love to soak my big white body in was just calling out for a big white-lettered canvas.  
I had a big huge canvas with with big ugly pastel flowers on it that I'd nabbed at a garage sale for a not so big price that would be perfect. 

 I did a little mixing of royal blue mistinted paint and black to get a dark navy.  Then I enlisted the help of my kids to help me come up with words that were associated with taking a bath.  I excluded most of their words since they came up with  "naked, cold, slippery, etc".  

I just love stencils!!!  You can get packs of the cardboard letters for so cheap and in so many different fonts and sizes.  I will never do subway art on a canvas this big again, however!  It took my impatient self just way to stinkin' long to cover this thing!  And I totally ran out of words by the end and almost had to resort to the words my kids thought up aforementioned! 

Someday, I will have a beautiful rug, but for now, it's the shag one that I've got on hand.  I love that this old clawfoot tub was already restored when we bought the house!!!  One less thing for me to do!  And it's beautiful.  I haven't decided if I'll paint the bottom outside of it yet.  Any thoughts?

Until next time,
have a hot bath and see you soon!

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  1. Just perfect over that gorgeous tub!! And just for some info in the future if you plan on doing another one, take some scrap wood, or the pine 1X6's at HD or Lowes, and make your canvas out of wood. you can use milk paint, chalk paint or regular paint. I've done quite a few of them (it's on my blog under subway art). But I know how much it took to do all those stencils and line them up so it measures out perfectly. Not fun. Nice job tho.

  2. uh, nevermind,,,,,just saw the one you did with shingles!! Well shut my mouth!

  3. Super job--so worth the time and effort you put into it! Cynthia

  4. This is fabulous! Perfect for that big white wall! It was worth your time! I love the tub just how it is, but some color might be fun since you mentioned it....You always do cool stuff!

  5. Dear Kam.... If you paint slash stencil that gorgeous tub I may kill you. Love, your friend Maran. :)

  6. This is so unique what a great idea for the bathroom! Great job :)


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