Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Boy Room Reveal {Ty}

Welcome to a photo tour of my little Ty's room.  Ty is all boy and I tried to make sure his room reflected that.  You'll probably notice some of the same accessories from his room in our old house.  See his room for our old house HERE.

Let's see what we started with, back in June when we got possession of "The Lefere Mansion".
Layers of fun, bright flowered wallpaper.  This is taken from Tobin's room looking into Ty's in the corner. Thankfully, Ty's room did not have carpet that needed removing.  Just wallpaper and bright yellow wood trim.  For the record, carpet is much easier to remove than layers of wallpaper!

I painted all the wood wood work white and mixed my own shade of gray for the walls and ceiling using mistints.

The corrugated steel "T" I bought at Stew's in Cedar Falls a few years ago and was made by Rubbish to Rubies.  

The headboard I originally made for my little girl's room, but since we moved they swapped beds.  You can see how I made that HERE.

The old wooden ammo boxes hold Ty's pajamas.  Not sure how I didn't notice while snapping the photos that one was turned around.  Oops!

We replaced the girly 80's sconce lights (the few that hadn't been stolen in the house) with these jelly lights that only cost $3.97 a piece at Home Depot!

The super thick wool rug was one of Ty's Christmas presents this year from my mom.  She found it at Furniture Row.

 His room opens up to his big brother's room.  It works out perfectly because while they don't share a bedroom, they still have access to each other's rooms without opening up their hallway doors.

In the corner is his "Look What I Did" display sign that I made for him last Christmas.  He loves to hang his artwork and school projects there over his chalkboard table.  His prized possessions, like camo wristbands from the treasure box at the dentist and Valentines candy from two years ago are in his trinket boxes. 

The curtains make me pretty excited.  I could not figure out what I wanted for curtains.  I looked at several stores with my mom and as a last ditch effort decided to run through the fabric department at our Walmart.  Yes, we are lucky enough to still have a fabric section at our Walmart!  I found this gray fabric that had the appearance of thin denim on clearance for less than $2 a yard.  So for about $7 total, I had curtains for all three windows.  Thanks for sewing them, Mom!!

The Ty-bo himself.  

Hope you enjoyed the little photo tour of Ty the Guy's room!  

Additional info:

~The road sign came from the ditch.  After passing it on my walks for over a year, I decided it was mine.
~The extra long twin comforter came from Target.
~The throw pillow was a $5 clearance item at Dollar General.
~The dresser was a $3 find at a garage sale that I painted years ago.
~The chalkboard table was an old school table I scored for free when the Jackson Resale Factory closed it's doors and painted with homemade chalkboard paint.

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  1. This is the perfect little boys room, it will grow with him as he grows which I love!
    Your house is just absolutely beautiful :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. Good thinking with the XL twin bed; it's quite likely he'll be tall like Dad.

  3. so great room, i love it!!!
    ps. kisses from Poland :*

  4. Ah, Kammy, I love this! Especially the part about his "prized possessions." My 6 year old has a "treasure box" with prized posessions in it - last year, he added a fish bone he found at the lake, and now we can't open the box because of the smell! Gotta love little boys!

  5. Love, love, love. That sign from the ditch just makes it! How does Ty like it?

  6. Lucky boy! Such a great transformation, Kammy! Love everything about it!

  7. Love this room! Especially those wooden trunks!

  8. We have some old ammo boxes in our garage, now going to have to pull them out. Such a great idea at the foot of the bed. Ty has a great looking room!

  9. I LOVE love love the colors, the bedspread and really the whole thing! Is it bad I wish "my" room looked like that, lol!

  10. What a great boys room! Awesome transformation!


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