Thursday, March 19, 2015

Guest Room Reveal {Restoring The Lefere Mansion}

Welcome to our guest room!
It's been beautified!!

It's already been used by several out of town guests, so if you need a place to hang your hat for the night and you're traveling through, give me a holler.  I may or may not let you in.  Ha. ;)

Here's a peek at how it started out... literally a "peek" in from the hallway the top of the stairs....

I'm glad the view when I peek in there now as I reach the top of the stairs is a little sweeter! :)

The walls were a nightmare.  I'm sure the previous owners can attest, as they took most of the wallpaper off before we got possession and uncovered THIS!  There were all sorts of gouges and peely stuff and I still don't know if it was red wallpaper or paint or WHAT.  The steamer didn't take it off too well though, so we decided, it was going to have to stay.

Mom painted some leftover white paint on it just to "tone it down" until we did something with the room!

One day, my friend Maran came to visit from Chicago land and we decided it was a great day to rip up some carpet and begin to tackle this room!
She's always up for some of my craziness!

I'm not sure what happened here....  but I was kind of scared to touch it!  Maran, she's a tough old farm girl from Iowa (like I'm supposed to be) and scoffed at the spot.

How would I live life without this friend of mine?!

My always-willing-to-help Tobin and Maran pulling out staples and tack strips....

The trim was a dingy off white, so next on the list was to freshen it up with some white semi gloss.

So my solution to the walls?  COVER THEM UP!  
With the most ingenious stuff every invented - bead board wallpaper!  Yup, it looks just like wainscoting but it's wallpaper.  And everyone that walks in the room is totally fooled!

My mom is the wallpaper queen, so during one of her visits, we tackled wallpaper.  Good thing I had her, cuz I sure couldn't have done that by myself - if at all.  Dude.  That's not a job for the faint of heart.  Even though this was really easy to use stuff since you didn't really have to match any crazy patterns!  It did rip easy, though.

And now it's done!  For now.

So some of this stuff has a story.  
Like the trunk.
My mom found it in the ditch when I was about five years old by our house out in Iowa.  She drug it home and I remember she drew flowers on the inside of the lid and each of us kids got to paint one.  They're still there!

The nightstands are from a friend, who was trying to shrink her stash and gave them to me.  I love how they match the bed so well!!  I think they were originally a vanity, connected by a mirror in the middle, but cut apart.

You can read how I rescued the mouse-infested dresser and had to throw two drawers away HERE.

I haven't done anything to the hardwood floors besides give them a good cleaning.  I don't think I'll feel like it for a quite a time, either.  So they're going to stay in a "rough way" for awhile.

Yes, Mom, I know I still need to paint the door white!  I'm tired of painting doors right now, too.  There's always a door somewhere in this house to paint.  I will be painting doors for the next fifty three years.

My wonderful Mama Bear found this bed stashed away in an antique store several years ago for me.  I think she paid $200 for it.  It's a beauty!  
(See, I don't always paint wood!)

And the shams?  $1 each from Saint Vincent De Paul's.

One of my favorite photos of my oldest cowboy:

Hope you enjoyed the tour and if you're traveling through these parts, the bed is always ready for guests! :)

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  1. Kammy, I LOVE it! The rooms in your house are SO BIG! And there are so many of them! I'm totally jealous.

  2. I ALWAYS love running through your rooms! You have accomplished SO much!

  3. Very nice! I love the bed frame and the wallpaper and the pillow shams and the mirror with the little boy and definitely the hardwood floors! oh and the of all having your mom to help (i miss mine every day).

  4. It's lovely! I actually think the woodtone floors help balance the room with your antique bed. Also love anaglypta wallpaper, & agree that it's hard to tell the difference between beadboard wallpaper & the real McCoy! :-)

  5. This is so pretty!
    I just worked on our front bedroom of our small little farmhouse-- and it's 'white-ish' After being Mid night blue since the days of my teen daughters living here! I'm so happy to see white trim and white curtains... and linen colored walls... and beautiful wood floors! yes, we pulled up carpet too and I was pleasantly surprised.
    It's not finished-- yours looks finished--except for your door but if you hadn't pointed it out I would not have noticed! ;)

    You've inspired me to get finished!
    That bed is gorgeous and your beadboard paper turned out great.

  6. I love this guest room, it's so bright and airy! The bed is gorgeous, I can't believe that was around $200 & that the trunk was in a ditch! Your home is absolutely gorgeous :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  7. Wow... the room is gorgeous!! I love those side tables and the bed, but mostly love the rug... where did you find that? I love watching all the progress and have been wanting to use the beadboard wall paper in my home as well. love it

    1. Thanks!! I bought the rug at Bed Bath and Beyond on clearance last year. It was reduced about 80% after the sale and coupon! :) Actually bought it for the foyer, but you how how that goes...

  8. What a transformation! Your guest room is gorgeous now.

  9. You should be very proud...that was a lot of hard work and love put in that room Great job.

  10. -sigh- I feel such a twinge of envy every time I look at your whole-house project--it's my favorite thing in the whole wide world to do! Wish I could come visit and pitch in!

    1. CATHERINE! What I wouldn't give for your creativity to be working next to me!!! :)

  11. So nice! Can't believe how much you've gotten done in that house already!

  12. There isn't much more reward than pulling up old carpet to find beautiful hardwood! Love the beadboard wallpaper too. Laughing at your comment about your mom being the wallpaper go to gal - my mom is also a wallpaper guru. Growing up, there was wallpaper every where in our house, LOL! Curious what part of Iowa you are from. My hubby is from Iowa City and most of his family is still there.

  13. Oh my gosh! I can't believe the transformation! Genius move on the headboard wall paper it looks amazing! The bed, trunk, night stands....I love it all! I think I need a friend like yours, I could use some ripped out carpet around here, problem is I know there isn't a beautiful floor under mine....You always inspire me, I can't believe how much you have accomplished in you beautiful new home!

  14. I love old houses (and old stuff in general!) And the floor has lots of character--all the things in the room do. ;)

  15. Wow! that is one amazing make over! now it's such a charming, beautiful guest room!
    I would love for you to stop by my blog and join our Something to Talk about Monday-Thursday link party!
    Have a great day!

  16. That is the prettiest guest room Kammy - that bed is just stunning !!!
    I'm in the midst of the same type of demolition - it's awful but oh so rewarding - you're doing a spectacular job !

  17. Wow! What a transformation! This room is beautiful! I hope that one day I can do a big project like this!

  18. Wow!! What a transformation! You are right, the wallpaper makes all the difference!
    What happened with it "icky" spot on the floor??
    It is wonderful....great job!

  19. Oh my gosh Kammy!!!! what an amazing transformation on this guest room. I love it, and I think the floors look great, they have stories to tell for sure!!!

    catching you!


  20. Gorgeous space! I love it. The transformation is fabulous. I found you on a link party and I am excited to start following you.

  21. looks like a lot of work but so worth it! Gorgeous!

  22. Love it. Let me know when your mom and friend are being rented out, I could use them both.


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