Friday, February 19, 2016

Gutted Dresser 'OLD SCHOOL' Media Center {take 2}

This dresser has had a few different faces!
I was thrilled when I brought this home for $8 from my friend Esther's garage sale.
It did have all the drawers, but I guess I forgot to take a "before" picture.  I, however, wanted this to be a "media center" for my kids so I did not need the drawers (you can see how I repurposed them HERE or at the end of the post).

 This little problem in the veneer was a surprisingly easy fix - and you can see how I did that on the original post HERE using veneer edging that you iron on.

So for several years, 
 it looked like this and I loved it in my purple den at our old home!

HOWEVER, there is no purple to be found in our "new" home so what an easy fix - just paint it all white!  I love the fresh new look it has.  I actually didn't even paint over the purple that is on the back inside because after the records and turntable are in place, you really don't notice it.

I was super sad the day one of the kid's friends who didn't know how to work a record player broke the needle (I mean, it's 2016, what kid doesn't know how to run one of those things?!). To replace the needle for that particular model was going to cost three times the amount I paid for it - which ironically was also the same garage sale I bought the dresser at!

Then while doing some Christmas shopping this year, I was in JCPenney and lo and behold there were Crosley four-in-one machines on clearance for almost half off!!!!  And I had a 15% off coupon!  Oh wonderful, wonderful day.  It was our group gift to the kids this year and we are back in business with our read-along story time records.  If you know me at all, this shouldn't surprise you.  I'm what you'd call an "old school parent".  I could rant all day about "screentime" but I'll save you... today anyway. ;)

While visiting an antique mall in Elkador, IA over Christmas break, I came across Jack and the Beanstalk.  Yay for the kids, but YAY for me because I also found some Statler Brothers Holy Bible.  It is a set of two record albums full of songs that "sing you through the Bible".  Oh how they bring me back to my childhood!  So I'm a little nostalgic...

And here you can see how it's kind of tucked away in the corner of our family room. 
The kids sit on the fluffy white rug in front while their imaginations create the scenes being told or curl up on the couch when feeling ill and get their mind off of feeling yucky while minds are transported to Neverland,  Popeye's boat, or along side Benji the dog catching bank robbers.

So what did I do with the two drawers that used to be on the bottom?

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  1. I found two old record players up in our storage room I guess I should look for some old records and see if they work!

  2. Beautiful media center. And your family room is drool worthy... so home-y and so many personal touches in decorating and remodeling.

  3. Great redo!!! Love read along books!!!

  4. Kammy! Were you at the Turkey River Antique Mall in Elkader? I think we are from the same area of Iowa (NE) and haunt some of the same places. My family loves going up to Elkader to that place and some other little shops there in town when we are home visiting.

  5. As a first grade teacher, I love, love, love that you are such an old school parent! This is SO, SO, SO much better for children's development than screen time!!

  6. As a first grade teacher, I love, love, love that you are such an old school parent! This is SO, SO, SO much better for children's development than screen time!!


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