Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hoard All The Cupboard Doors!

I picked up this big old cupboard that had been stored in someone's garage once for free.
It ended up being too nasty to save so I heaved it on the burn pile.
But not before taking off the doors!
This one was perfect for a chalkboard.
(aren't most things?!)

I painted the squared off pieces inside with my homemade chalk paint using this recipe:

And if you're visual (or just dumb like me) here's what Plaster of Paris and black paint look like:

I put it up for sale at our annual holiday Christmas Open House that I host every year with a few other ladies, usually in early December.

When someone bought it, I asked Becky Hollow (you can see her awesome stuff on her Facebook page Hollow's Market) to quick do some chalkboard art on it while they were chatting with a neighbor.  She didn't really want to under the pressure, but I didn't give her much choice and forced the chalk into her hand. I'm like that sometimes.

(Ain't she cute?  No wonder my 2nd grader loves her working in his classroom!)

I could not have made it look that good in a few minutes, that's for sure!
Becky is awesome at something I am not.  Free-handing!

I quick propped it up by the fireplace for a photo before handing it over to the buyers. 
Wish I would have had time to stage it, but I didn't, so here it is:

Our open house was a lot of fun with these ladies who shared the two nights with me. 
Just because I thought you might want to see four beautiful ladies and a midget...  here we all are. :)

Stephanie Wright, Colleen Bell, Joy Sterrett, Becky Hollow, and Yous Truly - Kammy

Now, how about some more reasons to HOARD ALL THE CUPBOARD DOORS?!!

Here's one from our old house that was in the barn when we moved in.
It is now hanging in our "library on the landing" with photos clipped on it:

And here's another one I brought from our old house - this one we found in the metal bin if I remember correctly.  It is also in the library on the landing with a clock hanging on it.  You can see how I sealed in it's chippy paint here.

Once I came upon these babies in a trash pile on the curb.
No shame, folks.  
It's called being comfortable with your trashy self. ;)

They turned into this:
(these are from several years ago; I like to think my sign painting skills have improved a bit since I did these)

A few more with knobs along the bottom to hang your
 coats, hats, bras, cooked spaghetti noodles....

One more chalkboard one:

So yeah. 

Now you know why you should HOARD ALL THE CUPBOARD DOORS!

Even Ken Alberts knows of my love for junk and specifically cupboard doors.
Last summer when I was visiting family in Iowa, that sweet gentleman had saved up a stash for me!
I love people.  Especially ones who give me their junk! :)

And if I can be a name-dropper here, Ken's son is Trev Alberts.  Just google in "Trev Alberts Hall of Fame".  I had a few distant relatives busting their buttons a few months ago. :)

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  1. Hi Kammy, love all the signs you created with those old doors. Score.

  2. Confession, I have a whole kitchen of cupboard doors stacked in my crawl space from a friend...glad to know I am in good company! I love all your signs! And yes, most everything is perfect for a chalkboard! :)


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