Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Black Kitchen Chair With Medallion Designed Seat

Years ago, I picked up four of these chairs somewhere.  It was so long ago I can't remember if they were free or a dollar a piece.  I do however, have a vague recollection of one flying out of the bed of my truck as I went barreling down a back road.  Oops!

This is the only one I have left, and it's been hanging on a wall in my shed by a big nail.  
Since I had some black chalk paint on my roller from the Eastlake Desk (read about it here) I  naturally went searching through my stash to see what else could easily get a fresh look with some black paint.  My eyes landed on my next victim - this chair.

After I painted it and sanded the edges to let some of the "wood" - or whatever crazy finish was on the chair previously - show through, I felt I needed a design with contrasting color to add some pizzazz.  
I had just received my Mandala Prosperity Stencil in the mail from Cutting Edge Stencils and thought that might be fun to off center on the seat!

I wasn't totally pleased with how it turned out, until I had the bright idea of letting the design only cover the seat cut-out.  I had originally let the medallion design overlap over the whole seat, not just the added cut out piece, if you catch my drift.  I painted black over the design that hung over the raised seat and fell in love!  I used a foam roller with a super tiny amount of off white paint to over the stencil and it literally took about forty five seconds to stencil this!  I did not go over it twice because I was going for a distressed, faded look.  If you want a more pronounced design, go for a second coat!


I love doing chairs.  Simple and fun and easy to be creative with! :)

This is currently for sale in my booth at the Parma Antique Mall.
Tell them Kammy's Korner sent you if you stop in! :)


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