Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Console Table Makeover {Upcycle A Purse Strap!}

One of my 'Mom Pals', Chaz, sent me a photo last month asking about some furniture that a friend of her's didn't want anymore.  She wanted the desk/table to use for her computer but wasn't sure what to do with it so I said bring it on over sometime and we'd give it a good makeover together.  Oh hot dog, I was rather in love with the curvy legs of this sofa table.  They were beautiful.  Like my girlfriends' who are runners.  Why are woman's legs always so much more attractive than a man's?  My mom always said even God agrees because it says in the Psalms "he taketh not pleasure in the legs of a man."  
So obviously men's legs aren't all that attractive.  I'm sure she wasn't taking that out of context.  Not at all.  (Don't be snowflakes guys, it's a joke!).

So back to the sofa table.  Or console table.  I ain't never been real good with fancy furniture terms.  Wayfair would seem to call this a console table.  Seems fitting as the definition of "console" is 

"to comfort (someone) at a time of grief or disappointment." (huh?)

synonyms:sympathize with, commiserate with, show compassion for, condole with.

I'm fairly certain in the couple hours it took to make this baby over we did some "commiserating".

Chaz came dressed in layers like we were going skiing in subzero temps cuz she thought we were going to be working in my barn.  Well normally we would, but in the winter, I move everything to my workroom in the basement.  But shucks.  Had I known the inch of dust that was going to cover EVERYTHING when we were done, we probably would have been in the barn and all those clothes would have been just right. 
 The finish on that top was way more stubborn than I thought possible.  We went through battery life on that Rybobi sander like Jeff Losey must have gone through diapers as a newborn.  When every last speck of that deplorable finish was off, I got out some Restor-A-Finish and showed Chaz how to rub it on using a rag while I ran upstairs to concoct something for lunch.  

I cringed at the thought of putting those same drawer pulls back on, and after digging through my stash realized I am super low and supplies!  So instead of traditional pulls, I cut an old purse strap into even pieces and using my swell battery-powered staple gun, secured them in place.  Which was a little tricky since I had to try and miss the screw holes or they would just pull back out!  And since staples aren't all that purdy, we purdified them up by hiding them with thumbtacks.  

I used sandpaper to distress the edges a little.  It's good to distress all furniture a little, cuz then if you get a scratch it just looks like it's supposed to be there. ;)

Didn't she turn out beautiful??  I've always loved the two-tone look.  In this case, wood on the top and a granite gray/black color on the bottom.  Don't ask the specific color cuz I don't know.  It was two mistints that I added together with some plaster of paris and water to make chalk paint.

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