Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Our Home: Snow Day 2018 - Winter Wonderland!

November 26, 2018

Got the early morning call that school was canceled due to snowy road conditions.

The heavy, wet snow covered the earth in such beauty that I had to put my boots on and trounce through it all to get some pictures around our property.
I didn't even bother with getting my real camera, but just used my phone; my fingers getting so numb I couldn't find it in me to meander over to the waterfalls, but I think I got some pretty cool shots!
Enjoy the beauty a fresh snow brings!
(Even though I will probably be heard saying "I hate winter" until about April!)

(Is it just me, or is the silo leaning....)

Too cold to use the outhouse!

 My three munchkins - sitting on their "snow bench" behind their "snow wall" eating snow that hopefully is not flavored with chicken manure!!!  SICK! :)

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